Dear Mom

Mothers Day

Thank you for being the best Mom in the whole world. For always scratching my back and telling me stories when I couldn’t fall asleep. For teaching me good manners & what is right & wrong. Thank you for always being the Mom who drove all the kids to the school dances & let us sing at the top of our lungs like we were Trisha Yearwood. And thank you for continuing to teach me the larger lessons in life.

I love you,


Best Of Weddings

Okay, okay…So our wedding didn’t make the cover of StyleMePretty’s “Best Of 2012 Wedding Magazine” but we did make in in the magazine which I have to say is the most flattering compliment that my wedding has ever received!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: You just gotta give it up for Beth Helmstetter & Lauren Ross. While there were dozens and dozens of great talent behind our big day, these are the two women who made it happen and captured it all!

Click here to skip to Page 70 {our feature} of the magazine where you can find our full spread!

Happy // Sad Christmas Wishes

I am often asked to write more on the blog, but rarely do I feel the need. You can only say so much about a pair of heels and I try to save my words for when they count most. I wanted to take a moment to wish you all an incredibly happy holiday season. Before we know it, December will have come and gone along with the joys {and sorrows} of the season that is meant to make us all the cheeriest. But what is it about Christmas that brings out so many different emotions? Is it the gifts under the tree, or the pressure to put gifts under the tree? Perhaps it is the lights in the windows that take you back to your first Christmas tree lighting? Maybe for you, it is the smell of a home cooked meal that reminds you there’s no place like Mom’s kitchen.  Or the picturesque view of a snowman resting in your front yard that, when you were a child, seemed worthy of being magically brought to life. The holidays are happy, the holidays are sad. A funny thing happened the other day that gave me a clue as to why I, like many others, feel happy:sad during the holidays.

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