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Outfits 2 days ago

How I Got Into Paris Fashion Week

As Paris Fashion Week coverage comes to a close, I am walking away feeling utterly grateful. There isn’t a season that goes by that I...

Outfits 3 days ago

Dressing Up With Thom Browne

I was as giddy as a girl in a candy store when the Thom Browne team offered to dress me for his show. I’m a...

Outfits 4 days ago

My Spring Fling with Floral

While I was in Paris I went to the Simone Rocha show and could not stop drooling over all of the beautiful pieces that walked...

Daily Looks 4 days ago

Florals In Hawaii

Wore my new favorite Simone Rocha dress for our last night in Hawaii! You can read more about it here. SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave...

Daily Looks 5 days ago

Ready For Summer

Raise your hand if you are ready for summer! Do you guys have any trips planned? What are you most excited for this summer?  ...

Outfits 6 days ago

Chanel Paris Fashion Week Show Recap

“I’ve always loved autumn. This is a kind of Indian summer, with all the leaves. It’s a beautiful mood.” That is what Karl Lagerfeld said...

Daily Looks 1 week ago

Morning Walk By The Beach

Took a walk to the beach at 6am and all you could hear were the waves crashing and light wind blowing through the grass. I...

Daily Looks 1 week ago

Beach Bum in Lanai

My happy place is on the beach, in the sun and a margarita in hand {not pictured} Where’s your happy place?...

Outfits 1 week ago

Wearing Spring When It Doesn't Feel Like Spring

Even though it’s technically March, there are so many places that haven’t start to feel the heat rise. When I was in Paris this week,...

Daily Looks 1 week ago

Heading Off To Hawaii

When the husband surprises you with a spontaneous getaway… If you could go anywhere warm right now, where would you go?...

Outfits 1 week ago

Baby Blue Coat for Spring

I was trying to find ways to inject a bit of spring color into my wardrobe this week in Paris when I came across this...

Outfits 2 weeks ago

What I'm Reading & Watching This Week

I finally got around to watching “Call me by your name” while I was traveling this week. Wow! Now I want to spend the summer in...

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