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Daily Looks 2 weeks ago

Sweet Sweater

Adore this staple {affordable} sweater. Thinking it might be time for me to start brainstorming my very own “Drop” collection for Amazon Fashion. Raise your...

Daily Looks 2 weeks ago

Autumn in LA

Sandals + Sweaters. Bless you California....

Daily Looks 2 weeks ago

Mom Duty

Mom duty calls! Gotta throw on the New Balances for full effect....

Daily Looks 2 weeks ago

The Best Cashmere

I am absolutely loving this brand of cashmere. It’s beyond soft and the styles fit so well. Currently obsessing over this cardigan. Perfect for under...

Daily Looks 2 weeks ago

White Button Down Kinda Day

I love a crisp, clean white button down. It takes such little effort to style, and automatically elevates any outfit. An absolute classic....

Daily Looks 3 weeks ago

A Classic Coat

Barbour has been in my closet for years and years, and I know it will be for many years to come. The brand’s classic styles...

Daily Looks 3 weeks ago

Layers in LA

The time has come. I’m finally busting out layers in LA and it’s all very exciting....

Outfits 4 weeks ago

New Fall Favorites by Everlane

My love affair with Everlane continues. I’ve been such a big fan of Everlane for many, many years. Their overall brand philosophy, charitable contribution and...

Daily Looks 4 weeks ago

I Vote For A Coat

It’s so nice being in Lake Arrowhead for many reasons… One of which is that it’s a little cooler so I can finally bust out...

Daily Looks 4 weeks ago

Practicing Compassion

Here are a few things I am doing today to practice compassion and self-care… Taking walks and detaching from social media and the news. Listening...

Daily Looks 1 month ago

2 Minutes of Fall

It’s fall in LA for 2 minutes so I’m taking full advantage. Has the cooler weather kicked in where you live yet?  ...

Daily Looks 1 month ago

New Workout Gear

Pretty sure my new workout attire is my main motivation for exercising. Wunder Under are heaven sent (run small, I’m wearing a 2) and I’m...

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