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This Is Why You Hate Running

0 Leave a Comment Oct 26, 2017
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So many people have a shocked reaction when I tell them how much I love running. “Really!?” they will say, “Ugh, I hate running.” A lot of times, my friends and readers will express their wishes to want to be a runner but they share how the struggle gets real with cramps, side stitches and boredom. But I find running to be my favorite place to get out of my head, have alone time and a core element in living a balanced life. In fact, if I run every other day I feel healthier, more fit and my mind is at ease. So why do most people hate running

01. You aren’t in love with it. Firstly, if you are wanting to become a runner, you must read this book: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. It’s one of my favorite books and Murakami writes about running in such an inspiring and poetic way. I find most people do not think of running to be a sport of passion, however they could not be more wrong.

02. You are running too fast. This is most likely the #1 reason why you hate running. Try downloading the Nike running app and force yourself to stay at an 11 minute pace for 20 minutes. Try this every other day for 2 weeks and see how different running feels.

03. It’s too quiet. Find an amazing playlist that isn’t just composed of upbeat rap songs. A lot of times I will run to classical, country or other mellowed out tunes to keep my heart rate steady.

04. You are not breathing correctly. Try to match your breathing to your steps. In for three and out for three… in, two, three, out, two, three. Running longer distances is all about controlling your breathing and your heart rate which is why it is important to not run faster than you are ready for.

05. You’re over doing it. Sometimes people set out to run more than 2 miles on their first day. Start slow and ease your way in. Try to think of running as a meditation and think about anything other than running while you are doing it.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with running? Have any tips to share?




Photos by Emily Blake 

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0 Leave a Comment Oct 26, 2017
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  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Natali

    Breathing correctly and running with your fave music blasting from an iPod is what helps me go one extra “step” longer on my runs. 🙂

  • Em

    Such great tips! I also love to run but think that taking it slow at first is the best advice that you can give. We tend to overdo it and then dread it! Also, cute workout clothes never hurt. Also, some people swear by running to podcasts.

  • These are some great tips, I can weight train right now so I will for sure try these.


  • This post is for me – I am one of those people who would love to start running but I whenever I tried I hated it and gave up straight away! Great tips, I will try again! 🙂

  • Yep, HATE running. I also have exercise induced asthma, so before my legs give out my lungs do. It’s another hurdle to overcome in my list of reasons why I don’t like to run!

    But I do think you bring up some good points about taking it slow and training yourself a bit to enjoy running. I may actually give it a go, since I’m trying to find more workouts to do at home.

  • These are great tips! I never hated it I just never found a way to make it work. Now I want to try again.

  • I loved this, Jacey! Like you, I absolutely love running – it’s great fun and a great way for me to clear my mind – whether I’m on a treadmill or trail running during summer. It’s so much fun! Thanks for these, I love Murakami’s writing too and hadn’t heard of this book! I gotta pick it up now!

    I hope you’re having a great Thursday!

  • Class Versus Sass

    I love running my only suggestion is to do intervals to increase endurance

  • Would you mind sharing your running playlist? Maybe something we can subscribe to on spotify or something?

    chevrons & éclairs

  • Motivation is key to everything when it comes to running, running is great form of excercise for the body, it keeps the mind actively sharp and a strong physique. I used to run much more, but I slowed down a lot over the years, the only time I would run anytime soon is when I have pretty active wear and good looking running shoes. Those bribes will usually entices me. 😘 😘

    🍂🍁LA BIJOUX BELLA 🍂🍁| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Jacey, I’d like to use your suggestions and give running a try again. In Louisiana it gets so hot and humid like your home state Texas. But it I start now when it’s cooler in the Fall I could transition to the treadmill when the heat hits again in Spring.

    Jacey, have you ever had any runners injuries? Could you give tips on common types and how to prevent? Also some suggestions on good running shoes. Thanks from a follower of many years, Laura

  • Kat

    I actually love running. But sadly between my exercise-induded asthma (made worse by city pollution) and my knee condition, I can’t run outside. I have to run on machines in a gym. I so wish I could run outside, NYC has some great paths along the rivers.

  • Running is a great way to unwind and the mental benefits definitely match the physical. That said I pretty much stopped running (but do yoga everyday without fail). You’ve inspired me to get back into it and it’s perfect running season in Central Park right now. Thanks!

  • Bee

    This is such a great a post! I don’t run as often these days as I did in college because I’m trying to protect my joints but I’m in total agreement with you that many people try running too fast and end up not liking it. Even I did it at first—I was set on running my fastest mile when I should have been focused on slower pacing and endurance. Really great information!

  • ygriega

    My recommendation is to – start at a walk/run, listen to Jacy’s tips. Take it easy at first.
    Join a community group, your local run shop definitely has a run group, they are usually free.
    Get fitted for a proper pair of running shoes – a running specialty store will do this for you and guide you to the right shoe. It is an investment and will protect your feet, joints and improve the experience. Change them every 400-500 miles. & their family of stores has many US locations. Also SuperRunners or Fleet Feet.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    I love these tips because I do hate running but this could be a good way to ease back in. xx

  • Stacey

    I love running. I didn’t when I first started, but the longer I have ran the more I have grown to love it. I recommend using the couch25K app. It is seriously the perfect beginners app for runners. I also try to not think about how far I am running or how awful it is going to be. I try to think about all my blessings.

    @stylingsofstacey |

  • Tara Zirker

    Love these tips! Thank you!

  • Anne Smith

    I love this post! I have a passion for running and have been a devoted runner for a decade now. Running has literally saved my life, in every sense. It was also fun to see cute workout clothes! 😉 I’d love to see more posts like this. Thank you!

  • Thanks for sharing! How many miles do you typically run? xx Veronica

  • jimepgz

    Start off listening to music and then switch to audible books or podcasts! It will take your mind off the distance or time! It’s very important to always listen to your body!! Don’t be too hard 😊thank u for this post!!

  • I also find that getting in to running is the hardest part, especially if you are a little unfit. The fitter I get, the more I am able to enjoy the experience instead of counting the minutes.

  • Jenniffer Wearing

    Shoes that fit was huge for me. I struggled to hit 3-5 km for months. After adding arch supports (I have flatish feet) it’s amazing how quickly I got comfortable running 3 times longer. There are a lot of comfortable and cute light weight sneakers out there but they aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you need some ugly support.

    Great post!

  • I looooove running! I’m less than 2 months away from my second marathon. It’s free, you can do it anywhere with no equipment, and it gives you a sense of empowerment in your body’s abilities like nothing else I’ve experienced. I’m also really fortunate that my husband runs with me, and running together in the mornings before work and the craziness of the day puts me in the best mindset. Thanks for spreading the joy 🙂

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