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Sitting Out

0 Leave a Comment Feb 2, 2017
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I cannot count how many years I’ve been lucky enough to attend New York Fashion Week. I think it’s over 8 years. Two seasons every year for over 8 years…. 16 New York Fashion Weeks? Damn! Well, for the first time since before I started my blog I am sitting this season out. Why? Well, to be completely honest there are a few reasons:

1. I am just not in the mood to be cold. I know, I know, that probably sounds bratty. But the idea of going to New York right now just doesn’t really excite me. I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year that I would only accept trips/projects that 80-100% excited me. And to be completely honest I was secretly not looking forward to fashion week this season.

2. The pros didn’t outweigh the cons on this one. As a small business owner it was going to cost me about $2-3K for food/transportation to attend. Sure, I would be working on projects while I was there and attending fabulous shows which is basically like being asked to the prom. It’s fun!  A lot of the reason why bloggers go to fashion week is for their photos to be taken by street style photographers, which basically serves as free PR for their brands which is also fun. I would also have a free hotel and cool parties to attend. But when I really asked myself “What would I want to see on the @DamselinDior blog and Instagram feed?” The answer was a beach getaway instead of street style photos and runway shots which every other blogger will be posting that week. I remember last season when I was at NYFW I was scrolling through my feed one night and the only blogger I stopped to look at their pictures was Sincerely Jules. She was in Mexico. I was jealous.

I do believe that bloggers have a place at fashion week. I have just started to understand that it is not 100% necessary for me to always go. Why not try something different? Who knows, maybe all of you will rejoice in not having to hear about NYFW. Maybe you will miss it. Maybe I will miss it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I’m packing for Mexico.




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Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

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0 Leave a Comment Feb 2, 2017
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  • Natali

    Good luck packing and I can’t wait to see your photos from Mexico! Love these photos, the mood is so on point!

  • Sophie Helen Spiegelberger

    So in love with your croc embossed handbag!

  • I’d rather go to Mexico honestly! I also love that you’re so transparent with us about the pros and cons of attending FW! x

    • Jacey

      Thank you <3

  • ENJOY MEXICO! I think that all your reasons are valid and you know what? After 8 years of doing this, I think that you deserve to do something for YOU. If Mexico is going to make you happy then that is exactly what you should be doing and there will always be another fashion week to attend right?

    Cannot wait to see your photos from Mexico!


    • Jacey

      Thank you Shloka! x

  • There is a saying:
    “Excusation non petita acusation manifeta”
    That means “excuses not requested manifest accusation”. I think with this post you are trying to justify something that your readers think does not affect them. That you do not want to go to the New York Fashion Week? Well, it’s not mandatory. It is your choice. But, as I fashion lover, I love see New York Fashion Week on Instagram. It is only two times a year. I see palms and travels to Mexico all time all the days at Instagram. But, It is your decision!

    • Jacey

      Hi Patricia, You are absolutely right. That is why I said it is not necessary for me to go. I do think it affects my readers which is why I wrote this post explaining my choice in not going. Sorry you will miss NYFW on my feed and hope you find my Mexico trip equally inspiring.

  • Sometimes doing things differently not only set you apart but put you in a path of unique and perhaps standout. A very nice perspective! 🙂

    “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Mexico all the way

  • August

    Have a good time in Mexico ! You look stunning (btw haha), love those Chanel shoes <3

    Evolve your style with a regularly updated selection of outfits from a menswear personal shopper –

  • I really appreciate your honesty in this post and how scrolling through countless images of fashion week even got to you. I’ve begun to HATE following bloggers during NYFW time because it gets very repetitive and so many are not really contributing new or valuable content (I would say a few do, like you. There seems to be bloggers who are a more natural fit & attend events that are fun to look at & I always count you as one of those).

    But it gets old twice a year to go through this routine and you’re right- I tend to ignore the blogs or feeds of NYFW and focus on the different!

  • PercyandPeaches

    I think the redundancy of NYFW photos from other bloggers we all follow does get tiresome. I know personally, it begins to all look the same. There’s no reason to not sit this one out and go somewhere tropical, good for you!

  • so with you!!!! I’ve only done February NYFW once and I’m already so over it! lol

  • Rach

    I love that you are keeping it real! It’s not always for everyone for every season.You just gotta focus on what works for you and if the timing is right! I look forward to hearing more about your trip to Mexico!

  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Madeline

    I love that you’re not afraid to break the norm! You go girl, Mexico sounds amazing!

  • I say do what makes you happy and if that’s basking in the sun, go for it!

    Liz @

  • Katherine

    Can’t wait to see your Mexico pics!!! Have an amazing time xx

  • Liv

    Love those shoes!


  • Mexico sounds like a great alternative! I love that bell sleeve top!

    Treats and Trends

  • If we’re being honest, about at day 2 I’m sick of seeing NYFW pics on my instagram and blog feeds! I can’t wait to see your tropical getaway!

    C’s Collection |

  • I love your honesty about NYFW and always wondered about the money behind the sponsored blogger trips to NYFW. And I love that you’re keeping integrity with your brand by really curating what you want to see on your own platform. Mexico sounds even better (although NYC has been strangely warm these past few days) and I would take a beach over brick any day!

  • Beautiful photos!!

    || D I A N A ||

  • kara

    A luxury of running your own business – you get to decide! Looking forward to seeing your warm weather getaway styles for inspiration as I am looking forward to a warm weather holiday my self next month. Enjoy!

  • I love that you’re shaking things up a bit. You are right — my feed will all be NYFW. Personally, I can’t wait to see some beach photos!

  • Keshia Marie

    Girl good for you! Enjoy your time in Mexico underneath that warm, golden sun <3


  • Such a great post! Thanks for being honest and real. Have fun in Mexico! I’ll look forward to the tropical getaway photos!

    Oh and obsessed with the Frame jeans!

    Xoxo- Jac

  • Alyssa Thomas

    Can’t wait to see your Mexico post! As someone who’s currently battling the grayest winter ever in the Midwest, I don’t blame you for not wanting to head where it’s freezing.

  • Ashleigh Duncan

    Good for you, for not doing something you aren’t completely excited about! Excited to see your Mexico pictures – it will be a nice distraction from the cold weather.

  • Bela

    Although I would die to go to NYFW, I think it’s amazing that you’re stepping outside the box and changing it up! I think that’s takes a lot of courage, but I think you’ve built up your reputation and your blog to take it in the direction you feel is right and I can’t wait to see your pictures from Mexico! And you’re right, when fashion week rolls around, it becomes redundant to see every blogger’s street pics so it’ll be nice to see a little change on my feed! Have fun!!

  • Hillary Carlson

    Power to ya! Me-he-co is calling! ???

  • Emily C

    Please share what you’re packing for Mexico…. trying to shop for a Miami trip I have planned for the first weekend of March and need serious inspo right now

  • Bridget M

    NYFW certainly does get repetitive as it seems many bloggers are attending the same shows. I’m always more likely to pause on a pic or post when the blogger made the effort to check out a more obscure or up-and-coming show. Once you watch a final walk video from one blogger, the other posts on that show are not intriguing anymore. I’d also be willing to admit that just watching the snapchats from NYFW starts to feel obscenely materialistic (parties, clubs, etc). I’m sure it is a blast to be a part of, but from the outside looking in, and seeing a dozen different people constantly posting parties, drinking, parties, dinners, etc. for a week, it can feel excessive. I look forward to your more relaxed and down to earth posts from the beach to break up my feeds!

    • Kristin Liana


  • Teri

    It worked. I’m jealous 😉

  • Judith Crawford

    I’m not gonna lie, I will miss your pics from NYFW especially what you’re wearing!! But being from Ireland I know all about lowsy weather so definitely go for some sun!! You have to do what feels right, 8 years of doing the same thing is a longgg time. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your beach shots and inspo! Judith xx

  • theblackblush blog

    Your picks in every NYFW are bomb but of course sometimes it’s good to do a break!

    The Black Blush

  • Love the honesty of this post – have a blast in Mexico!


  • Marianne

    Love your honesty and fresh perspective on NYFW. Hope you have a great (and warm!) vacation!

    xo – Marianne

  • have fun in Mexico!

  • Kali

    Absolutely love your transparency. 100% agree that it’s good to shake things up and that you should do what YOU want – not what others expect of you. I’ll be equally inspired by your Mexico photos (and still love your fashion coverage too). Enjoy!

  • Pardon My Obsession

    Okay, I agree with you 100% ! Well said !

  • NYFW in Feb is def not the place to be — plus you always have Sept — that’s the best time: it’s warm and you don’t have to freeze your butt off to get that photo! NYFW is not the be all end all for bloggers, but yes it is fun and enjoyable for your followers to see it trough your lens. Disfruta en Mexico chica!

  • Melody

    Take me with you!!! lol I agreeeee girlfriend,,, GO AND HAVE SOME FUN! 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila floor!!! Have fun, and take lots of pics so I can picture myself there too! 🙂

  • Hoping you have had the chance to book somewhere nice and warm instead! Mexico doesn’t sound like a bad idea right now to be totally honest…

    Always appreciate how real and open you are to speak your mind 🙂

    Heather x |

    P.s I LOVE your chair!!

  • gorgeous shoes!

  • woohoo! Good for you. Enjoy!

  • alyssa amato

    I agree with you!! Mexico will be so much more fun! You always have NYFW in September. xx

  • Becky C.

    Where did you get that chair? Love it!

  • Laura Madden

    So inspired! You go girl! I, too, am jealous. I’d take that MX sun over NYC snow any day. Have a blast! You fully deserve to go your own way and LOVE it!

  • Ana Vieira

    Love your sweater. so pretty 🙂

    Blog – Coco made me do this

  • love this post – have fun on your trip!! xo

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