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Fed Up

0 Leave a Comment May 12, 2014
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I trotted over to NYC last week and while I was there I attended the premiere of my dear friend, Stephanie Soechtig’s, documentary “Fed Up.”  Firstly, let me just say that the film was so incredible that it has moved me to join the 10 Day Challenge of being sugar free! I figured that the only way for me to truly complete the challenge is by sharing it on the blog so that I am held to my word {kind of like my half marathon training}.

Secondly, I am in complete shock after watching this documentary. Apparently, everything that I believed to be true about food and exercise for the past 30 years was absolutely false! This movie opened my eyes to an entirely new way to think about what I eat. The film is in theaters now and I strongly encourage you join me in the challenge to go sugar free! I will be documenting my experience at the bottom of each blog post for the next 10 days, along with daily updates on Twitter & Instagram.

Zadig & Voltaire Bermuda Shorts {240euro} // Dylan Lex Necklace {$640, similar one here} // Everlane Silk Blouse {$78} // Stuart Weitzman Privacy Pump {$495, ℅} 

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

The husband and I went to Ralph’s {our local grocery store} to stock up on sugar-free goodies. It was quite comical when we went to grab toothpaste and he joked that we couldn’t brush our teeth because it has sugar in it. We were pretty high off the fatty cheeseburger lunch we just had at The Counter Burger, along with a shared bottle of rose and last nights BBQ & beers dinner at Bludso’s. Anytime we agree to do a “diet” of any sort, we typically crash in as many fatty snacks and sugary foods as humanly possible on the days leading up to “D-Day.” Let me get one strong point straight: I do not think I am fat. That is 100% not why I am choosing to, or have ever chosen to, do any sort of cleanse, challenge or diet. The truth of the matter is, I am a “T.O.F.I” {Thin Outside, Fat Inside}. I can literally eat piles of fried food {growing up in Texas that’s exactly what we did} and all the cheese in the world and the maximum weight that I have ever been is 122 lbs {I am 5″6}. Do I run? Yes. How often? Really, once a week. I am purely accepting this challenge because the movie moved me to do so AND because I need to grow up, be an adult, and start eating healthier. I want to live past 60!!!  I will be getting a physical exam this week to fill you in on my body fat percentage rate along with more information on this topic.

So we have all of the sugar-free goods you can imagine. We pretty much purchased the entire vegetable section, lots of chicken and beef and I was super excited to see that we didn’t have to cut out my favorite breakfast meal = Flour Torilla’s (home made, containing 0 sugar), Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage and Scrambled Eggs with Salsa (home made, 0 sugar). I learned that the more local you go with your selections, the less chance there is of sugar being added into the ingredients.

Today I challenge you to take a look at the labels next time you are at the super market. That “Skinny Cow” treat might not be as skinny as you think {14 GRAMS of sugar!!!}. Bring on the sugar-free foods!

Read more about Fed Up here!

0 Leave a Comment May 12, 2014
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  • I have heard about this movie and cannot wait to watch it in the Uk, I have tried similar challenges myself and felt like a new person after, the sugar somehow manages to creep back in.. I look forward to reading your journey, good luck Jacey.

    Donna x

  • Super chic black and white look. I try to eat healthy and always read the labels 😀

    xx Mira

  • Love your necklace! And I agree, I’m super intrigued by this movie.

    Do you know, are you supposed to cut out fruit as well, for the 10 day challenge? I know on the website it said natural sugars like honey, but didn’t say anything about fruit, or maybe I missed it.

    Good luck on your journey, can’t wait to read all about it.


  • Excellent movie, and like you said eye opening!! I’m going to accept your 10 day sugar free challenge today. I ‘ll also document my experience @ www.


    Ps still love those heels!!

  • Amy guzzi

    Good for you! I’ve put on 5 pounds and they are always the hardest to take off! Love the outfit!

  • Emma

    Sounds like a super interesting movie, I should probably try sugar free too!

  • LOVE the bib necklace! That’s such an amazing statement piece!

    Sugar-free – good luck!!! That’s funny because today is my first day of ‘sugar-detox’ because I have a serious sweet tooth and I want to kick the habit once and for all, so looking forward to reading your updates, hoping for some encouragement!!

  • Sasha

    I would never wear pants like yours. but you just look sooooo cool 🙂

  • I had a crash course in sugar content a few years ago when my husband decided it was time to decrease our sugar intake. My biggest pet peeve is foods that are marketed as “low fat” are then jacked full of sugar. I can’t eat low-fat yogurt because it has more sugar in it than a Snickers bar! It’s crazy! Good for you for trying something new and healthy for both of you.

  • Love the way you teamed the shorts and the shoes. Looks amazing together!


  • Good luck with your sugar-free commitments! I love how you’ll be documenting your journey after each post! That’s such a great way to not only vent about not having sugar but to also share your story! Love it, girly!

  • Marlene

    Haven’t looked into the details of this movie much, but I think it sounds right up my alley. I’m a doctor and about 4 years ago made the decision to completely re-vamp my diet and exercise program so that I didn’t feel like a hypocrite every time I told patients to change! Like you, I have never been fat – 5’4″ and never weighed over 115lbs, but – and a big but – my cholesterol LDL was still high! Genetics have part of a role, but by cutting out most carbs (no bread or pasta and only a little bit of oatmeal or brown rice sometimes), eating tons and tons of vegetables and legumes and increasing my exercise, I lowered my LDL by 70 points and increased my HDL from 70 to 95 (good cholesterol). I basically stick to the rule that if it’s packaged or processed, I don’t eat it. No diet soda, no “diet” ice cream, no “light” whatever. Book I recommend:
    – Omnivore’s Dilemma

    – Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
    – Forks Over Knives

    Good luck!

  • i love this bag *_________*
    visit my blog

  • I’ve given up alcohol for the next 2 weeks as I detox after a crazy month, so I can kind of relate. Best of luck! May we both be thinner and feel better. Cheers.

  • Great post! Not only love the look, but can’t wait to see how your sugar free adventure goes. I have also been trying to get healthier and eat cleaner… It’s amazing how much sugar is hiding in places you never thought. Only shopping around the grocery store (foods on the perimeter) usually helps me to stay focused when shopping and I always check labels. Cooking at home makes it much easier to maintain!

    xo, Bekka
    Palm and Peachtree, A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog
    Instagram | Facebook | Bloglovin

  • Yes – Finally there is a movie (documentary) that shows people that “light” foods aren’t good for you and sometimes even worse because of all the chemicals they add!

  • You have me intrigued about this diet. I’ll be sure to follow along. I’m always looking for healthy options. But, I must admit, I’m a sugar monster….I love my Skinny Cows!

    Those Bermuda shorts are to die for!

  • Caro

    First of all, love your outfit 🙂
    I think your challenge sounds really good since it probalby will make you much more aware of the amount of sugar that is in all different sorts of food. At the moment I always try to sneak in days on which I do not eat anything sweat however since sugar is in so many products I probably also still eat some sugar on those days without really knowing… So maybe I will just try out the same thing you are doing (your quite inspiring here ;-))

  • you are wearing these gorgeous shorts so well! love it
    Ladies in Navy

  • I’ve heard a lot about this movie and really want to see it! I’m very interested to hear about your experience as there is hidden sugar in everything!

    I love your outfit. That necklace is amazing!!


  • Really love this look! It’s awesome you’re going sugar free! Good luck! x0

  • Great look and still drooling over those heels!!! Good luck with the sugar free and I can’t wait to see your posts about it along the way!

  • Savannah Davis

    I HATE that you have to give a disclaimer that you don’t think you are fat. I have to do the same thing, because any time I mention a cleanse or a diet where I am cutting out certain foods I always get the same thing… “you’re not fat why do you need to diet” “you’re already skinny why aren’t you eating that fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich” “OMG, you think you’re fat”. If I WANT to change the way I eat I will do it and I shouldn’t have to provide a disclaimer, but I do and I will because otherwise I will be accused of having an eating disorder. #sorryimnotsorryicanstillfitinmycheeruniform

    Enough of my rant. Love your look and I am FED UP as well!

  • Love this outfit! So simple yet so chic!

    I just finished an elimination diet due to some food allergies I was experiencing and couldn’t have sugar. If you have a Teavana near you, they have some amazing sweet teas, Caramel Almond Amaretti was one of my fav’s, if you want to try something outside of the sugar free candy range.

    Good luck!

  • Love this chic look! That necklace is gorgeous. You have inspired me to check out this film and to start eating healthier. Thanks for sharing.

  • Loving this easy office look!


  • Oh how interesting! I will have to check out the documentary. I actually gave up chocolate and needed to revamp my diet after St. Andrews so I took on a challenge. This doc should keep me motivated. x

  • (We’re moving in 2 weeks, so all major changes are waiting until then, but once we move:) I am hoping to get back to no-processed food this summer, which I think will also help with the sugar. We’ll still use dried pastas, but I will bake all our bread and stuff. I think we’ll probably still eat some sugar – I plan to make our own ice cream – but at least that’s real sugar and we have some control over the amount and quality! I’ve read your blog for a while, but I think this is my first time commenting – I’m excited to read how the 10 challenge goes for you! (Plus, I really love this outfit!)

  • I heard about the movie and I have to go and check it out. Great outfit and the necklace is gorgeous.

    Fabulous 30s

  • After seeing your Instagram post last night I decided to join the challenge too! Hoping to check out the movie one day this week to educate myself more.

  • so in love with that look!

  • I love this look!! The Dylanex necklace is so gorgeous!

  • This is genius! Can’t wait to see how your sugar-free life is. XO

  • The documentary sounds great, and good on you for doing the 10 day no-sugar challenge! A great resource from here in Australia is Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar book and website. She has tonnes of recipes that might help you. Whilst I don’t stick to a strict “no sugar” regime, since reading Sarah’s book I definitely cut out a lot of extra (and unnecessary) sugar that I was consuming. It’s scary how much sugar is hidden in food!
    Looking forward to your daily updates.
    Daisy xo

  • As always, you look terrific, super duper chic! I would never thought to wear this type of Bermuda shorts but you inspired me to try! thank you!
    Sharing my family photos on the blog today– >

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  • So glad to hear that you liked the film. I have been on the forefront of the food movement for awhile now and I am so hoping that this film will reach a wider audience. It’s true that we have been lied to for a long time. The “a calorie is a calorie” is so untrue! I encourage everyone to see the film, reduce your intake of sugar, and MOST importantly, try to eat “whole foods” rather than things out of packages…. that is the key. For anyone who is interested in other films along the same lines, see/rent Food Inc. and King Corn.

    Love the blog, you have great style!

    Sheila Irwin