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Donate with Damsel

0 Leave a Comment Dec 6, 2016
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For the holiday season I am bringing to you the 12 Days of Damsel to give back to my readers, in exchange I ask for you to giveback as well and “Donate with Damsel.” 

In 2009, before Damsel in Dior, I went on a trip that was very outside of the box for me. After stalking a friend from high school on Facebook, I learned all about her charity trip to Kenya and went to bed that night dreaming of going. Long story short, a few months later I found myself boarding a flight to Africa and my life was forever changed. I went with the New Hope Initiative to volunteer several years in a row. Simply put: These are the types of people who make our world a better place.

You can read a post I wrote about my experience by clicking here.

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning you know that there is only one charity that I have supported since it’s conception. The reason for this, is because I truly believe in the good things that New Hope Initiative is doing in our world because I have been there, I have seen it first hand.

Below you can find a few {very old} photos from my trips to Kenya and Arusha with the New Hope Initiative family. It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to visit, but this holiday season I want to ask that you please Donate with me.

If each of my 345K followers on Instagram donated $1 each, we could raise $345,000 for this incredible organization. Even if it’s just a dollar, please add “Donate with Damsel” in the PayPal notes when you help us to give back this holiday season.

Thank you in advance for giving back with us this holiday season.


Donate Here



0 Leave a Comment Dec 6, 2016
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  • raqueli25

    This is beautiful! I made my donation.

  • Hailey

    That’s amazing. Thanks for sharing, Jacey

  • FashionablyClearance

    Love this! I recently started working at an amazing global health nonprofit and it really has opened my eyes to all of the incredible work that’s being done around the world. Thank you for being a positive influence and reminding everyone to give back for the holidays!


  • Jenn Rose Wilson

    I’ve been researching who to donate to this holiday, decision made! Thanks for this – what a great idea!

  • Crystal Rose Cathcart

    Great way to encourage your readers to give back. I made my contribution.

    Crystal Rose Cathcart

  • Jackie W


  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely amazing!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Lovey Fleming

    Breathtaking experience! I am blown away by your passion <3
    Spreading the word!

  • Breann Menegon

    Donated! What a great post! ❤️

  • Rachel Edwards

    Donated! Great way to spread the holiday spirit!

  • Donated too! I love this idea at Christmas time,

  • Ashton Lostroh

    Donated! I hope you hit your goal. You’ll have to keep us posted. What a great charity!

  • Vanessa Hinojosa Eubank

    Just donated! Can’t wait to hear how well this will do! All starting from a dollar and a note in a carton of eggs 🙂

  • Nkirote Mutisya

    I actually live in Nairobi, Kenya so it’s incredible to see the work that these guys are doing right here in my home. God bless!

  • Just did, thank you for including this in your giveaway week, we should all donate to charities a lot this year!

  • Ana Bermudez

    I donated a few bucks but didn’t get to leave the “donate with Damsel” Comment. Pooey.

    • Jacey

      Thank you so much Ana <3

  • AC

    Just donated. Thank you for this wonderful piece. I, too, feel that tug and hope I have the same opportunity as you did one day.

    • Jacey

      Thank you so much for donating!

  • Carly

    What a beautiful thing you’re doing, and a wonderful memory to share. I’ve been on similar trips and they’ve been the most amazing experiences of my life. Glad to hear of the great work New Hope Initiative is doing, just happily donated to their wonderful cause.

    Just want to say, I think it’s amazing that you do the 12 Days of Damsel every year, it’s such a lovely and generous thing to do, and this is SUCH a great idea to do in the midst of your amazing gift giving to all of us incredibly lucky readers! You’re a shining star. Thank you for your kindness!!! xoxo

    • Jacey

      <3 Thank you so much for this sweet comment!! X

  • This is so cool of you – so proud to see you’re doing this! XO

  • kaitw

    Thanks for sharing! This looks like a great cause, and I’m glad to learn about it and be able to help out.

  • Amanda

    Donated!! Such a great cause and glad you posted this. I hope you get close to your goal!