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Damsel Diaries // Accessorizing Life

0 Leave a Comment Sep 14, 2013
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Spending the past week and a half in New York for fashion week has left me feeling incredibly inspired & utterly exhausted. Between seeing shows, attending fun events and seeing the fabulously creative street style that strutted across to Lincoln Center each day, it’s hard not to feel inspired. As I head back to Los Angeles, I have an edited agenda for not only my blog, closet and fashion sense, but for my life too.

A girl can walk out of the house wearing all black from head to toe and what makes her outfit extra special are the accessories she uses to compliment the look. Just as we use accessories in our wardrobe, I found little odds and ends during my trip to NY that seemed to accessorize, enhance and beautify my experience. Seeing the gorgeous garments that strutted the runways at DVF, BCBG, Tory Burch and others is lovely. But there is something extra special in finding inspiration in something as simple as a walk through Central Park, a trip to the top of the Empire State Building or picking out flavored cooking salts.

Lately I feel like my life has been pretty go-go-go and my new task at hand is focusing on time management. There are full days I spend at the desk soley responding to e-mails and then there are others where I am skipping around LA taking meetings and there seems to be no true work/life balance, no true schedule. It’s easy to get completely lost in my work because to me, my work is my life and my life is my work so the two often melt together.

Each time that I took in New York to stop and smell the roses, taste the chocolate, savor the wine & relish in a good nights rest were the moments that filled my heart with complete content. These are the experiences that I desperately grasp on to in hopes they will last forever. Guess what? They won’t.

I have learned that you have to make a conscious effort and true resolution to give yourself present peace in your daily life. A moment where you take in something small will allow your mind to feel free and heart happy. These are moments that always leave me feeling most fulfilled and most confident.

After all, the best accessory a girl can have is confidence!

Tory Burch Bag {$475} // Damsel x Gorjana Rings & Bracelets {coming 9/17} // Lulu Frost Statement Necklace // Cynthia Rowley Green Necklace // Vita Fede Titan Bracelet,  Futurro Ring, Emma Triple Ring // YSL Arty Ring  

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

*I write from my heart, not from my head, so please excuse any typos*

0 Leave a Comment Sep 14, 2013
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  • Q

    I agree… accessories make such a difference. I love personal pieces that you can wear everyday and have special meaning.

  • Firstly, you are a woman after my own heart with all that gold jewelery! And, secondly, couldn’t agree more about the sentiments you expressed in this post. So, so important to find some moments where you enjoy the present and focus on the now amongst all the hullaballo and mayhem of modern life. x

  • slckimmy

    You have impeccable style, but it’s your writing and self-reflection that make me look forward to seeing your blog every day. You are proof that one can enjoy and have a talented eye for aesthetics, yet also have a deep intellect. Thanks for sharing your beautifully styled life.

  • Marlene

    It’s so true about those moments. I think of them as “stolen moments” – time you don’t have but that you take for yourself. Buddhism is especially good about enforcing the important of living in the present and not letting your mind wander outside of it. Hopefully you can retain the ability to keep stealing those moments for yourself in LA!

  • That bag in the firs pic is cute 🙂
    xx Stephanie (

  • Amen, sista! Accessories are the little details that no one really “looks for” in an outfit but still make all the difference. It’s all in the details! 🙂

  • Great post and your are so right about the accessories and those little moments in life where you just enjoy your surroundings.

  • I can completely relate to the Jacey! Even in the bustle of the city, I always find myself inspired and happy!! I’m so happy you had an incredible week! Loved keeping up with you on Instagram!

  • brandy

    So true everyone! It’s all about the accessories:)

  • You are so right! We can find inspiration everywhere we just have to open our eyes. And yes something that might seem of very low impact in our lives, can bring us in the end so much peace and balance.

  • I love how deep some of your posts are Jacey. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts like that, and I totally agree with what you said. I’ve noticed that I need to stop and enjoy the little moments more often, even if it’s just taking a deep breath and being grateful for the people I’m with or the beautiful environment that I am in.

    Thanks for the nice reminder on a Sunday morning!

    PS. love the picture of the jewelry!

  • Sam

    Love this. I am seriously editing my wardrobe and what I buy. I must say I am really looking to your Gorjana collection. It looks gorgeous.

  • Great post. Jacey, is there any way to pre-order pieces from your line? My sister’s birthday is coming up and I was thinking this could be a brilliant gift option.

    I know, I know. September 17 is two days away. I CAN be patient, if I have to be. 🙂

  • What a great post! Balancing work and life when you work at home is tough. I struggled with it in grad school and see it happening again now that I’m working from home. Hoping you (and I) remember to relish more moments away from work and at home.

    Love the roundup of fun accessories, especially the green and gold necklace at the bottom. Is that the Cynthia Rowley piece?

    Luci’s Morsels – fashion. food. frivolity.

  • Carolyn

    What’s the name of the lulu frost necklace?? I can’t find it anywhere. Going crazy. I just love it! Please let me know 🙂 thanks!