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Outfits — Style

Overcoming Sea Sickness

Ever since I was a child, I feared boats. It wasn’t a fear for water; I consider myself a fish! But as soon as my...

Outfits — Style

Pajamas with Plaid

Trying to stay in tune with posting more work appropriate outfits on Monday mornings, I thought this plaid pant and pajama combo would be a...

Beauty — Style

5 Reasons NOT to Sleep in your Makeup

We’ve all been there: It’s the end of a long day and you’re just flat out too tired to go through the hassle of washing...

Outfits — Style

The Trend I Never Saw Myself Wearing

I know, I know. But when I stumbled across this studded pair of jeans I just had to have them. I guess I’ve been more...

Outfits — Style

The $30 Shorts I've Worn 30,000 Times

My friends basically laugh in my face at how long I’ve held on to these $20 shorts from Zara. When we were in Cabo a...

Outfits — Style

Red Floral Dress in August

Okay I lied, I’m still investing in cute floral summer dresses but only when they really pull at my heart strings and only dresses I...

Outfits — Style

Work Attire for Monday

A lot of you have asked for inspiration on what I’d wear to an office. Back in my Corporate America days, this outfit {minus the...

Outfits — Style

Blazer + Shorts Combo

Have you noticed a little theme rolling across the blog lately? Right now I can’t get enough of the blazer and shorts combo. I don’t...

Outfits — Style

Endless Summer

Right now the only summer pieces I have been buying are transitional ones like this denim top. It’s too hot to wear much else in...

Outfits — Style

Denim Season

I am slowly but surely starting to flirt with the idea of wearing dark denim as we creep into fall. I don’t know if you...

Outfits — Style

A New York Minute

That’s about how long it felt like I was in New York this week – a minute. I took the red eye on Wednesday {sat...

Outfits — Style

Harvest Moon

Humidity sweeps across the cotton fields with the South Texas wind blasting in strong currents causing your bloodshot eyes to burn. There is a constant...

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