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Outfits — Style

30 Days of "Real" Outfits Pt. 2

You ask, I answer. A lot of you seemed to like the last 30 Days of Real Outfits so I decided to bring it back. Yes...

Outfits — Style

Statement Pieces for Fashion Week

Fashion week is all about having a sick statement piece and building around it. When Net-a-Porter reached out to send me a few favorites I...

Outfits — Style

LA Nights

The night before last, I stepped out for a night on the town. Since I’m not attending NYFW this season, I was thrilled to find...

Outfits — Style

Slipping Into Slip Dresses

I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day. My best friend Gia almost sold me on the holiday when she told me the story about how...

Outfits — Style

What People Write On Cocktail Napkins

You know those people who proudly claim to have come up with an idea on an airplane cocktail napkin? Well, I call bullshit. And I...

Outfits — Style

Sitting Out

I cannot count how many years I’ve been lucky enough to attend New York Fashion Week. I think it’s over 8 years. Two seasons every year for...

Outfits — Style

What is Normal?

I believe there is no such thing as being normal. I read a poem over the weekend by Barbara Lynn Terry and I wanted to...

Outfits — Style


The kind of girl who doesn’t brush her hair every day. The one who wears sunglasses so she doesn’t have to wear eye shadow. Forgets...

Outfits — Style

If It Were Warm I Would Wear This

Okay fine, so it hasn’t been quite warm enough in Los Angeles lately to bust out this new favorite dress that my Mom got me...

Outfits — Style

Why You Should See La La Land

Like many of you, my brother and I grew up making home made movies. However, I would personally consider our “home made movies” to be...

Outfits — Style

Freaky Friday

Sometimes I feel like outfits are not quite strong enough for their own stand alone posts, but they are outfits that I’m actually wearing when...

Outfits — Style

Another Monday

First of all, I want to say thank you so much for the helpful feedback on Friday. I read all of your comments and cannot...

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