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Brainstorming in NY

0 Leave a Comment Jan 6, 2017
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I was not ready for the cold slap back into the reality of this work week. Being self managed {most bloggers have a manager or agent to negotiate their deals}, I am in New York this week to take meetings and it is positively freezing here. My late nights staying up, drinking wine with friends and sleeping late are officially over. I am suffering from a severe holiday hangover and I don’t just mean the kind from too much food and booze.

In other news, I have been brainstorming non-stop on ideas for the upcoming year. It’s been a while since I really switched things up with Damsel in Dior and when the calendar switched to 2017, a flood of creative visions filled my head. I’ve already been working on a Podcast which will be debuting this spring and I am in the very early stages of starting a book. But what would you guys rather read? A book about how to make a million {gross} on your blog without having a million followers {i.e. a business guide to blogging} OR A book of my short stories accompanied by photos? I’ve been going back and forth and back again with editors and agents.

Is there anything else you would like to see more or less of this year? I would like to do more video content but am I missing something else? Shoot me an e-mail or a comment below! {}


Ganni Coat {$228} // COS Vest {$99} // Thom Browne Shirt {$350} // Frame Jeans {$200} // Danner Boots {$360} // Gucci Bag {$1,890}

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Hawthorne Coat



Speckled Sleeveless Wool Top


Thom Browne

Oxford Shirt


Frame Denim

Le Skinny De Dark Jeans



Mountain Light Cascade



GG Marmont Matelassé Shoulder Bag

0 Leave a Comment Jan 6, 2017
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  • This coat is such a dream… glad you had a lovely, relaxing holiday. Def feeling the holiday hangover here too. I would definitely prefer to read a book of your own personal stories, perhaps interspersed with your advice on blogging, but I think that would be more interesting and enjoyable to read for all. A blogging guide would probably only appeal to bloggers, or wannabe bloggers. I’m sure a book of your short stories would be hilarious, inspiring and really engaging, I’d buy it for sure!!!

    P.S. pls do a post on how you edit your instagram pictures – seriously obsessing over your feed right now.

    Kea x

    • Jacey

      This is very helpful!! I love the idea on Instagram editing and you’ve inspired me to do a short video tutorial – thank you Kea!

  • theblackblush blog

    The coat and the boots are so so pretty!

    The Black Blush

  • Pia Hocevar Mucic

    what a cool outfit, love the white shirt under the gray vest!
    Fash ‘n’ fudge
    Fash ‘n’ fudge

  • Love the Cos vest, love how the hem at the bottom is a bit loose. I am literally finding it difficult to function… can’t even I made it to the end of the week.

    Would love to read about your personal life with bits of business things. Business acumen is part inherited and part experience, so I think it will help make this relatable. Hopefully that makes sense… cuz still sipping on that first coffee 🙁

    • Jacey

      Totally makes sense & I like this idea… more personal with touches of business because it’s all related 🙂 x

  • I have been following your blog for years and you quickly become one of my fav style bloggers. I don’t check your blog as much as i would like as I rely much more on Instagram (and Stories) and Snapchat but I would love to see another collaboration with Splendid. I love that you have used your strong connection with cotton to promote cotton as a product. I guess i really enjoy the behind the scenes everyday life.

    • Jacey

      Thank you so much Paula – this is very insightful. x

  • Firstly – for someone who is incredibly hungover and travelling you look fabulous! So kudos on that! Secondly, I think I would love to read a book about BOTH those topics! Is there a way to combine?!


    • Jacey

      Ha! Thank you Shloka ~ I think anything is possible and that’s a great idea. Thank you x

  • The Gold Lipstick

    I love how you styled that shirt!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Rach

    I’m so ready for winter to be over! I can’t wait to see all your post ideas for 2017!

  • Pardon My Obsession

    fabulous look, love the boots !

  • I’m obsessed with these boots!

    xo Jessica

    My Style Vita

  • I definitely would read short stories with photos! I think that would really let you personality shine through, versus a more business of blogging book (which there is so much of online anyways). Mixing in some adventures and words of wisdom on blogging into the stories would work well.

    • Jacey

      Thank you Kellie – super helpful x

  • Love this beautiful and comfy look! Always looking fabulous! 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Liv

    Loving the look!


  • Sophie Helen Spiegelberger

    I instantly fell in love with your small Gucci bag!

    • Jacey

      OMG so did I when I opened it for Christmas! I’m happy you love it as much as I do! X

  • Lynn

    I would love to see some business looks/work wear inspiration!
    I also loved when you mixed it up a bit with some colour (don’t get me wrong, I love you for all your neutrals) but it just seems so special to see you rock some colour. Loved the pink outfit and yellow pops during New York fashion week! I check your blog every single day but I have to say I love your snaps. Keep up all your good work!

    • Jacey

      Thank you for this helpful feedback Lynn! x

  • Looking forward to the new things to come to the blog!

    Liz @

  • The holiday hangover is so real!

    I’d love to see a book from you on the business of blogging, especially since you’re self managed! That’s super interesting!

  • Looking great:P

    Shall We Sasa

  • Megan H.

    This might be more a post, rather than a book, but I would love to see something about when and why you purchased each clothing piece in your post, and the story behind each piece. I know I could pick any article of clothing in my closet and give a crazy story about a certain time I wore the piece or if it was a gift from a loved one/was formerly a loved one’s clothing.

    • Jacey

      Thank you Megan – very helpful ! X

  • I think a book on how to make a million without a million would be a bestseller!!

  • Dana

    A business guide to blogging for sure!!! Can you write two books? The next one being short stories? 🙂 xo

    • Jacey

      I like that idea Dana – why not 2!!! 🙂 x

  • Bridget M

    I’d love to hear more from you about your perspective/experience on how the fashion world (and bloggers) drive trends and make decisions driving their collections/work and about their process. I enjoy seeing the outfits you gravitate toward and learning about new (to me) designers or styles through you. It would be interesting to occasionally add to that with the behind the scenes insight to the fashion world.

  • My vote is for business/blogging!

    26 and Not Counting

  • Stories & photos for sure!! Love you blog but as a fellow blogger I would appreciate seeing more about life vs strategy bc strategy can change your stories are forever.

  • I really like seeing your outfit photographs and it would be amazing to see more videos.

  • dd

    Can’t wait for the podcast!!!! Got to have Catt & Lina ASAP!

  • Woo for the podcast! I’m just getting into listening to them, but def I’d tune into yours!!

    C’s Collection |

  • Ellese Launer

    I just love you! I think you are pretty incredible for managing your own deals. I really love reading your personal stories, so I would opt for the latter book idea. It would be aspirational not only for other bloggers, but or individuals who love style and (possible travel if you include those photos). If you manage to write both, as a blogger who doesn’t have a million followers ,the business book sounds very interesting as well! Can’t wait to listen to your podcast. Sending love to you in this new year. XO, Ellese


    • Jacey

      Thank you so much Ellese!! X

  • Mary Katherine

    i would love to read your stories with photos – you are hilarious and I think that would translate well in to a book like that.

    all the best in the new year…


  • Lara

    The party is indeed over and its hard to get back to reality, but thats the reality – ha. hopefully it wasn’t as hard as you anticipated. Very nice pictures

  • Great post! Love your Gucci bag, it is so gorgeous!

    N, xoxo. |

  • Agh Yayy for a book!! I would love fashion, lifestyle, your funny quotes. A beautiful coffee table book with your stories. Can’t wait! You’re my fave.. how you haven’t 10 million followers I can’t understand AT ALL

  • Leila Bradley

    I would love to see a book with your personal stories and photos. I follow you on snapchat and you are so hilarious! I love your dry sense of humor! I can’t wait for the podcast too, I listen to them on my commute so I’m looking forward to adding yours to the rotation.

  • Lindsey Ihm

    I would love to read a lifestyle/fashion/travel book with your own personal stories weaved into the pages. But the primary concept of the book is what to wear, eat & see in different locations through out the US & International. When i’m visiting a new place I always have the hardest time knowing what to pack and I thought you could definitely help with that!

    Love your blog! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Jess

    Stories!!! I would 100% buy a book with your stories and photos. I don’t intend on being a blogger, so I probably wouldn’t go for a blogging book, but that’s just because I already have a job I love. 🙂

  • Kate Scott

    LOVE the idea of a book with all your stories & sprinkling in a few about blogging successes and mishaps would just make it even more personal to you. Also cannot wait for the podcast!

  • Crystal Whalen

    You’re such a talented writer so whichever book you choose to write will be fantastic, however I love hearing your personal stories, they’re captivating, so that’s where my vote goes!

  • I say the latter book idea! Can’t wait for the podcast!

  • I’d love to read the first idea about the business of blogging but that’s mainly what I’m wanting advice about, but either idea sounds like a winner! I’d say maybe use original content unlike other bloggers who reuse blog content to make their books!

  • Effortless Everyday Style

    Can’t wait for your podcast! Love your snapchats!

  • Annie

    My favourite post of yours from last year was 30 things every 30 year old should have. I love your What I Want posts ( that mix high and low) and I love when you check in about lifestyle choices. All that was gold and very relatable. Oh and Home Sweet Damsel! Even your Seven Daughters videos were so nice. Love your blog and love your Snap!

    • Jacey

      Thank you so much Annie ! X

  • Meredith Lysett

    Anything you write will be amazing! Personally, as a non-blogger I would love to own a book of your short stories and pictures 🙂 So excited for you and can’t wait to have your book on my shelf!

  • Rachel Jang

    Short stories with photos!

  • TheHautemommie

    Love these boots and definitely do a book of short stories!

    Leslie / @hautemommie /

  • Congrats on being your own agent! I would love a business guide on how to become a successful blogger. Nasty Gal was a favorite book of mine, and I could get that kind of vibe from you.

    Much love,

  • I would love to see videos! My favorite still is the makeup tutorial you put out last year. Your personality is golden and I love it!

    A book on short stories would definietly be a read I would pick up.


    • Jacey

      Very good to know! Thank you Tanka!

  • Stella C.

    I would love to see/read a book from you! What an aspirational goal for 2017!

    Business guides only really appeal to those in your specific business niche — and with blogging changing so much so quickly, who knows where the industry will be in 5-10 years?

    I think many people, myself included, turn to your blog not for business, or even your fashion, but for YOU. Jacey, your personality shines through more than any other blogger I follow and YOU are what sells your brand. Not your blog design, or your Instagram feed, or your clothes — although all of them are totally dreamy! I would love to hear/read more about you in your own voice — I bet you have some great stories to tell.

    Best wishes in the new year.

    xoxo, Stella

    • Jacey

      Thank you so much Stella! I truly love your helpful feedback. x

  • Such an awesome look!
    Nazlıgül | New OOTD Post – New Year in Velvet

  • definitely podcast and video!! xo

  • Stephanie Krause

    Love everything! I can’t wait to see more videos! This is not fashion related I guess but maybe you could put on your snap or somewhere the books you read… But I can’t wait to read a book by you!! Thanks for all your awesome post and hard work for Damsel In Dior! We love it!!!

  • Cat

    I love your #homesweetdamsel posts with your home decor inspiration and loved your make-up tutorial – would love to see more posts like that 🙂 You are so genuine and that really shows in your posts! Definitely think a short stories with photos for your first book!

    To a wonderful year of Damsel!! XX

  • Lourdes Martin

    love this!! it’s inspiring that you are your own agent. i feel like there are so many books about tips etc that I would love to see something more about you. I mean two would always be great hahaha but for your first I would love to see short stories and pics.



  • PercyandPeaches

    Yes to short stories. I agree with other comments that there are numerous books/blog posts about blogging and who knows what it will look like in another 5-10 years. Short stories are more personal and allows us as the readers to learn more about you.

  • Meredith Pratt

    You are my absolute favorite blogger/ social media to follow. You are real, genuine, serious, emotional when appropriate, and able to laugh at yourself and some of the absurdness of the industry. While your own experience how you got to where you are would be unique I would love more of a personal short story spin. I love your travel photos and your fashion week coverage but what makes you the most special is how you do the rest of your life. Your voice and personality beam through the everyday blogger stereotypes whether its on your snapchat rampages or your creative and fun vlogs. Just as you don’t follow industry standard to have an agent I think you should take this book and make it our own and be as creative, fun, humorous and emotional as you can be in your most real moments you share with your followers everyday. Never change Jacey! You are too cool and amazing the way you are. : )

  • Erin

    I would hands down read your book as would a boatload of other people! But please write about anything with my only request being to not have your book mimic your blog (same stories, same pictures, etc). I’ve read so many bloggers books that are like that and it takes the fun out of reading the book. Can’t wait to see what you have in store! However it’s turns out, it will be great!

  • Andrea Fenise

    I would definitely prefer a book with short stories and pictures.

  • Um I want both ha! As a blogger I want the business guide, but as a reader I want photos with short stories. So I guess this comment has zero official weigh-in on the topic 😉 Either way I know it will be fabulous!


  • I know I am way late on this but I hope you are still reading the feedback! You are such a successful blogger (unlike any other – I love your level of success, not too oversaturated like some and so unique) I would love to see a business guide first, but is there any way you can tackle both into one book?!? I’m sure that would be a bit much but I vote for business first :).
    Barefoot in LA | Instagram | Bloglovin’ | Facebook | Pintrest

  • I would buy and read both of those books. As a writer, I would love to read more of your writing (which is what made your blog stand out to me in the first place)… and I would also like to hear about the business side of things. Any chance you’d eventually write both?


  • Antonia

    I know I keep asking this but did you take these with the canon powershot G7 X??

    In 2017 just keep going as you are, because people follow damsel in dior for YOU and your honesty and integrity. I love the mix of videos and photography and think that you are juggling all the different forms of social media perfectly (which I’m sure isn’t easy!?)

    Looking forward to podcasts, and all the new posts in 2017.

    Keep going and never doubt yourself.

    A x

  • I’d love the book on how to make a million w/o a million followers!!! xx

  • these boots are amazing! xo

  • Sanny

    I’d love to read a book full of short stories by you. Your writing is what makes me keep coming back to your blog. I like the pictures and topics you choose as well but your writing makes it so much more personal and let’s me, as the reader, get a glimpse in your life… pretty pictures are nice but the story behind them is life, inspiration and the connection that too many blogs are lacking. While I’m sure the business side of blogging will be very entertaining when told by you ;-), I’d still go for the short stories if it has to be the one or the other.

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