Who Is Damsel in Dior?

Jacey Duprie is the creator and curator behind the blog Damsel in Dior, which encompasses fashion, lifestyle, beauty and home decor. The name, Damsel in Dior, is not a misnomer, but instead symbolic of a lifestyle {to never feel like a Damsel in distress!}. Currently residing in West Hollywood, Jacey offers her readers real-life insight into her personal style, domestic discoveries and constant yearning to travel the world - all distilled into a mix of clever writing and clean graphics. She was recently featured in Huffington Post, Vanity Fair, WhoWhatWear, QVC and Refinery29 and has appeared in several ad campaigns for SAKS, GAP/Old Navy and Levi's. In her spare time, Jacey enjoys playing the piano and playing with her two english bulldogs, William and Polly.  Jacey Duprie is also a contributing editor to other publications such as StyleMePretty and Vanity Fair.

XO, Jacey Duprie  //