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5 Health Hacks

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Okay party people, it’s time to hunker down on those New Year’s Resolutions. Week one is always easy breezy but it’s weeks two and three of January where you can set some real intention. This year I am working on not just getting my fitness whipped into shape, but I’m focused on healthier living overall. Here are a few health hacks I’ve found that work for me.

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#1. Chew It

Pop in some mint gum before eating. The flavor will inspire you to eat less.


2. Wake to Drake

Set your alarm clock to play peppy tunes to get your blood flowing early. I have a Get Fit Playlist on Spotify that always lifts me up. Click here to listen. 


3. Give it a Wash

Don’t feel like working out? I can almost guarantee that giving your face a good wash will open up your eyes to the fact that you don’t feel as cruddy as you think you do. Splash some water on that tired face to wake it up and get moving!

4. Start Smiling

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always about hitting the gym and losing unwanted pounds. If you are feeling blue or have a case of the Monday’s, try simply smiling. The idea is that the act of making a facial expression influences our feelings in a way that is consistent with that expression — as with a smile and joy, according to Paula Niedenthal, professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who studies emotion.


 5. Chew Slowly

When you eat slowly, you digest better. You lose or maintain weight more easily. Yet you also feel more satisfied with each meal. It’s a win-win.


Special thanks to The Zoe Report & GapFit for partnering on this post

Thank you James Nord & Felicia Lasala for the pretty photos

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0 Leave a Comment Jan 13, 2016
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