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Top Tips For Your Flight On Labor Day

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I’m heading off to New York today for fashion week and probably wearing something pretty similar to this outfit on the plane. I’m leaving a few days before the festivities begin to team up with Bobbi Brown as their Los Angeles ambassador on their new lip color launch, I cannot wait to share more about the project in the next few days.

I’m sure a lot of you are heading back home after enjoying a long Labor Day Weekend and perhaps you are traveling by air today like I am.ย With all of the traveling I have done over the years, one of the most common questions I get asked is about flying and what my secrets are to traveling.

Scroll down to read a few tricks of my trade when it comes to travel by air:


1.ย Always, always, always have a pair of earphones handy. The minute my feet hit the ground at LAX, I can guarantee that I’m listening to one of my new playlists on Spotify. I almost always have music playing because it drowns out the hectic white noise of the airport. You can really help control your positive mood by what you are listening to.

2. If you’re going to book a flight, try booking your ticket on a Tuesday. Once upon a time, I heard that this was the lowest fair day of the week.

3. It doesn’t hurt to ask for an upgrade at the check-in counter. You’ll be very surprised what a nice smile and positive demeanor can get you. I have scored upgrades simply by asking for them. Hey, you never know!


4. Never go on a plane empty handed. There’s a chance that the wifi crashes, there’s no entertainment system, and you will thank me later for carrying on a good book or downloading a movie on your laptop the night before.

5. Always sign up for reward programs. Airlines always prioritize their reward members over other guests, so be sure to set up an account if you don’t already have one.

6. Have a back up charger for your cell phone. What are you going to do if you get stuck on a runway with bad weather for 4 hours and your phone dies? I’ll tell you what, you’re gonna lose your mind {okay, not really, but you get the point}.


7. Never join the security line that has a lot of kids in it {if you’re traveling solo}. Stick to the line with suits, and you’ll cruise through a lot faster.

8. When I was working as an assistant, was my best friend when booking flights for executives. It will not only give you a layout of the aircraft you’re flying on, but it will give you insider tips on the best seats to select.

9. If you are on a 3-hour-long flight {or more}, be sure to get up and take a walk down the aisle. Even if you don’t have to use the restroom, the circulation will do your body a lot of good. If you are a nervous flyer and the plane starts to hit some bumps, try wiggling {kind of like you are dancing} in your seat. It’s a quick way to let out your nerves.


10. Always pack a scarf, wear a hoodie, or have some sort of layer to cozy up in. I always get cold on planes; however, it’s been hitting the hundreds in Los Angeles lately, so I feel a little crazy wearing a sweater on the flight. Just add this to the many reasons why I love wearing kimonos. You can find a few more favorites at the bottom of this post.

Bonus Tip: The airports are going to be crazy today. Be patient, be friendly, and be aware of your surroundings. Safe travels everyone!

Do you have any secret tips you’ve picked up while traveling?

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