Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.

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The high was definitely telling our families. So much happiness just starts gushing out of everyone!
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My Brother's Surrogacy Story

I cannot begin to tell you how elated I was to hear that my brother Justin is going to be a father. I always knew...

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Haleigh Rhea

How did you guys meet?  Haleigh: I met Jacey at the Edition Hotels in New York two years ago. I had been interning with a...

Solve a real problem that a lot of people share and move fast.

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How Bloggers Make Money

How do bloggers make money? It’s probably the number one question on the tongue of everyone inquiring about the industry. My first paycheck came from...

Dear Damsel How do you edit your Instagram videos?

I use an app called InShot to edit and another app called CutStory to slice them up into frames.

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What is Polly's full name and her age?

My english bulldog, Polly Pringle Smalls is 9 years old and she’s my baby. We are beyond obsessed. Polly has her own Instagram handle @PollyPringleSmalls and loves cheese.

What's your workout regime?

I try to stay active every other day. I love running so either I’ll run for at least 20 mins every other day or do some form of circuit training. I also love ballet, hot yoga and rock climbing is my latest obsession. I try to find things I can be obsessed with.

What's your happy hour order?

Either vodka soda with two limes or whiskey on the rocks (depending on my mood).

What is one staple every woman needs in her closet?

I think everyone needs a striped tee because you can wear it so many different ways. I love layering it under dresses, sweaters or blazers and it’s a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

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Dear Damsel What is your favorite travel destination?


Dear Damsel What apps do you use to edit photos on your iPhone?

I mostly use VSCOcam filters A6, S2, J2 and A8 and when needed I'll also use Snapseed.