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If it was legal and people were using it for wellness purposes, maybe I should explore using it too.
Q&A 3 months ago

Why You Need CBD {aka Weed} and How To Use It

I knew it was time to start having an open conversation about CBD when my parents started asking about what CBD oil was… I feel...

It's better to have too much planning than not enough.

Q&A 4 months ago

How We Plan Content for Damsel in Dior

“How do you plan out your content, from social media to the blog?” There are days that I have no idea what is going on...

I think most people want to expand their teams before they are actually ready.

Q&A 4 months ago

When To Expand Your Team

“When did you realize you needed to expand your team?” Someone recently asked me this question via e-mail and it’s honestly a little difficult to...

I can assure you that no dream is crazy and that if you pour your heart and soul into your goals that you will reach them.

Q&A 4 months ago

Advice To My 24 Year Old Self

The other day someone asked me, “If you could give your 24 year old self some career and business advice, what would that be?” Mind...

You might be surprised to learn how many folders I use to organize my e-mails.

Q&A 4 months ago

How To Organize E-Mail Folders

The other day I opened up my Q&A Sunday series on Instagram to a wider ongoing topic range of questions for business owners and entrepreneurs. One...

Dear Damsel What is your favorite go to accessory?

I love a good handbag. I'm also addicted to wearing sunglasses but I rarely change up the pair I am in to.

When we were told that Polly Pringle Smalls had three mast cell tumors that were grade three and she only had a few months to live, my heart broke into a million pieces.

Q&A 5 months ago

Polly's Cancer Scare

We FINALLY have a final diagnosis for our pup! I know so many of you have been patiently waiting, but we wanted to be extra...

Dear DamselAsk a Question

What is your work out regime?

We just got a Peloton which I’m getting in to. I’m also a runner so I try to run at least three times a week.

How do you edit your Insta-Stories?

I use InShot to edit videos on my phone and then CutStory to slice them up into frames.

What's your favorite travel destination?

Right now it’s Positano. Cliche but true.

What's in your bag?

I’m never without my passport, iPhone and Carmex. I don’t carry a lot in my bag because I change purses every day.

Ask a Question

At the end of the day, you really have to trust your gut on what is best for your pet.

Q&A 7 months ago

3 Home Remedies for Dogs with Allergies

I cannot even begin to tell you how many notes we get in regards to Polly and her allergies. Our sweet English Bulldog, Polly Pringle...

If I could write a letter to my younger self when I started blogging, here is what I would say...

Q&A 7 months ago

8 Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Make

If I could write my younger self a letter for when I first started my blog, I would have a lot to say. Don’t get...

I love devoting a weekend to clearing clutter from bookshelves and coffee tables, and cleaning out closets around the entire house.
Q&A 8 months ago

5 Things You Should Always Do When Spring Cleaning

There’s nothing better than a nice spring cleaning around the house! It almost feels like there’s a little bit of a weight that’s been lifted...

As women, we put an incredible amount of pressure on ourselves to be perfect...

Q&A 8 months ago

How Old Are You?

I never talk about age because, to me, it really is just a number. A number that continues to change as time passes by and...

Dear Damsel Can you suggest a few websites for professional work attire that doesn’t break the bank?

I love Zara. Club Monaco is great along with J.Crew, H&M and you can find affordable things on Shopbop.

Q&A 8 months ago

10 Things I've Learned In My 10 Year Relationship

Where does the time go? I was a bit hesitant to do a post surrounding our special anniversary because Grant and I certainly do not...

Don’t try to do everything yourself. People love to help out...

Q&A 8 months ago

How To Throw The Perfect Party

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been “stalking” Camille, from Camille Styles, on Instagram for years. I absolutely love her overall style and am always...

Knowing we make people smile and help animals in need is literally the best feeling ever and not something I ever expected would be part of this journey.

Q&A 8 months ago

How To Make Your Dog Instagram Famous

I don’t know about you but I just love following pups on Instagram. They bring a huge smile to my face and while I follow...

It's so crazy how photography has turned so digital, that many of us forget the fun of good 'ole fashioned film photography.

Q&A 9 months ago

Why I'm Loving Film Photography

I was scrolling through the thousands and thousands of photos I have saved in dropbox the other day, looking for some old pictures I’d taken...

Dear Damsel Do you have a stylist?

I do not work with a stylist and I select everything on my own. If a brand is doing a sponsored post, they send a line sheet and I select something. I enjoy shopping online and in person.

It was so bad that for many years I found myself driving to Texas from college in Chicago two times a year to avoid flying.

Q&A 9 months ago

My Fear of Flying {And How I Fight It}

The door to the classroom opened and my heart leapt with anticipation over the note that was being handed to my teacher from the front...

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