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That Time I Almost Got Eaten By A Bear

0 Leave a Comment Sep 2, 2017
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When I read about the world’s largest tree, The General Sherman, I knew it was a trip I wanted to take immediately. After doing a lot of research online, I ran across “glamping” at Sierra High Camp and fell in love with its beautiful scenery and plush camping accommodations. Little did I know the trip would turn out to be so adventurous! Between a light ankle sprain and near-death experience by bears, by the time we made it to see The General Sherman, I had never felt more thankful to be alive. It was truly a special sight to see.

0 Leave a Comment Sep 2, 2017
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  • Omg that seemed so scary! Ha! I’d have no idea what to do if I came across a bear!

    Have a fab Saturday!

  • Wow that’s quite an experience! I wouldn’t know what I would do if we ran into a bear.

    xx Cindy

  • Quite an outdoor trip … I love ❤️ nature and connecting with it, it really bring sense of calmness in to our lives and what could be more better than glamcamping … a beautiful memorable trip, except for the bear scare moment. 🙂

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  • Jean Louise Lilly

    I suggest you visit the Very cozy-chic, big trees, handmade beds, excellent linens, amazing food, the ocean…you would love glamping there as much as I did! Terribly romantic too…although we had two teens with us to prevent any romance!

  • Donna Stubbs

    I’m sure it was scary, but the video was hilarious. I love your narrations. And I know it’s not necessarily Grant’s thing, but I enjoy when he makes appearances.

  • I said I would never go camping but this looks so fun!

  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely love it!!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Ok so…

    A) Don’t whisper! #lol You want the bear to actually know you’re there so that he won’t be SURPRISED when he sees you. Surprised = bad.

    B.) I’ve been to Sequoia and the steps on “what to do if you’re lucky enough to meet a bear” (yes, it said “lucky”) are clearly indicated.

    Or you can google it (before you leave) to make sure you’re prepared, lady!

    I’m glad you at least had the sense to stay away. When I was at Sequoia and a (calm) bear crossed out path we just kept on going back to the car. On the way we crossed families with children (and babies) and we told them to turn around but they didn’t!!! They actually LOOKED for the bear.

    And I’m glad you’re safe.

    Rock on Damsel.

  • Darlings I have a perfectly good home I have no desire to go pretend to be homeless on the weekends! I may be a big ole precious queen , but I know it , therefore I have no business camping !
    Dress The Part

  • Hahaha! This cracked me up!

  • allison

    My husband and I were in the park the same weekend as you, crazy! We went on a ranger-led walk right before a hike during which we saw 3 bears! Thankfully, the ranger prepared us: first of all, she said to enjoy the sighting :). They don’t really care about you! If they do notice you/start coming towards you, make yourself large (put your hands up in the air) and yell “get away, bear!”. You can also pick up a stick and hit it on a tree trunk.

    Two of the bears did notice us because we stumbled on them accidentally. We started yelling, but they could not have cared less and went back to eating. It was awesome.

  • omg!!!!!! I was scared too even if to post the video you should be alive. ahahahahah. ok lat’s say that it put a chilly in your vlog.