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My Tattoo Diary

0 Leave a Comment Nov 3, 2016
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Dear Meme, you might want to skip this one since you have a strong aversion to tattoos. However, since so many of you have asked, I’ve decided to share the stories behind my tiny tattoos. At first I wanted to keep them to myself, but maybe {just maybe} a few of you will resonate with my stories and/or be inspired by them.

A lot of people who point out my tattoos ask how I was able to get them so tiny & thin. Almost all of my tattoos were done at Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles by the talented artist named “East.”

Pink Heart: When I was 18 years old my brother had just gotten back from a trip to Australia where he discovered a kitchy jewelry line called “Bico.” He opened up a Bico store in our mall back home and I was so proud of him that I got one of the jewelry pendants as my very first tattoo. This tiny pink heart doesn’t entirely connect and has a little dot at the top. The Bico team says it means “sincerely and compassion.” I don’t know about that, but to me it means that I was supportive of Justin in some way.


Initials: Shortly after moving out to Los Angeles I got the itch to get another tattoo. One day at work I was doodling in my notepad and drew my initials “JD” in this weird upside down “J” with a tiny “D” inside. It kind of ended up looking like a hook and I’m not as proud of this one as my others. I love the placement but the idea wasn’t entirely ironed out. Meh. It’s not like I have to live the rest of my life with it {insert eye roll here}.

Dharma Wheel: Shortly after Grant and I started dating I thought it would be a fun test to see how he would do about me spontaneously getting a tattoo. I knew I wanted something circular and I loved the position on the rib cage. I ended up picking the inside of a Dharma Wheel because {to me} the middle of the wheel represents moral discipline. One day, as Grant and I were walking around Venice, I said “Hey! There’s a tattoo place, I want a tattoo.” He smiled and thought I was kind of crazy.


Arrows Up: There are 6 arrows because there are 6 people in my family. My parents, Justin and Josh and Grant & I. When my arm is down, the arrows point up because that it what my family does for me – they lift me up.

L is for Leavitt: My husbands last name. I kept my last name so to pay a tribute to him, I surprised him with this tattoo a few years into being married.


The Trio: It was a beautiful summer day in New York. My two best gals {Catt & Lina} and I were doing a bit of day drinking to celebrate Catt’s birthday. We had a wild hair to get matching tattoos and we went for it. That’s why I love those two girls. They keep things interesting, spontaneous and fun.


William: Save the best for last {and the most recent}. “W” is for William. My baby who passed away recently. My husband got the exact same tattoo {it was his very first} in the same spot. Every time I see it I smile and it makes me feel like a part of him is always with me.

Photos by Felicia Lasala


0 Leave a Comment Nov 3, 2016
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  • pipa

    Nice post!

  • Natali

    Beautiful shots and I love your tattoos, they’re small, personal and easily covered up but also easily seen if wanted.

  • styleinlima

    Beautiful shots and content

  • Becky

    The last one made me tear up a little, it’s such a special one 🙂 x

  • Rach

    I didn’t realize you have that many tattoos! They are all tasteful and I love how they mean something personal.

  • I love that all your tattoos have a meaning and a story – they are all small but because they all mean something to you they become a part of you.


  • Very classy and cute little tattoos! I really like the look of it! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Kate Dinota

    Jacey! I’m so glad you shared this. I have been thinking about getting a small, dainty tattoo (would be my first tattoo) for a while and was stuck. I got married 3 years ago, and kept my last name. Was always thinking a small “A” would be nice for my husband’s first name, but I love the “L”!!! (Also his last initial) How special! This definitely resinates with me- hope you don’t mind if I steal your idea 🙂

  • Savannah

    Okay, real talk. As I read about the last tattoo I started to cry as soon as I read that Grant got a matching tattoo!! Ugh, So sweet, selfless and touching. What a wonderful husband and doggie Daddy. Xo

  • I’ve always wondered what the L stood for! Thanks for sharing.

  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely love them all!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Dana Mannarino

    One of my FAVORITE posts from you. I love tattoos (I currently have 4), and I love all of your meanings!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  • Christina

    thank you for sharing! I love knowing the meaning behind them and you gave me ideas for where my next one(s) will be!

  • I love your tattoos.They are so simple, and yet have such a big meaning!

  • Wow I love this post! I was always curious about your tattoos!

    Carolyn |

  • Lisa


  • Jennifer Wilson

    Oh I love these stories. xx

  • This is such a personal post – thank you for sharing this with us :)!

  • Gitte Noer

    I am in love with all of them!
    – Where did you get the one in Venice?

  • Vanessa H. Wood

    Such a great post… thank you for sharing your tattoos and the stories behind them with us!

  • I love how they are so simple yet so powerful. I actually have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo. Something small that represents my heritage and family.

  • Alyssa Thomas

    Thank you so much for sharing this. All of your tattoos are so elegant!

  • Betsy

    I love this chemise! Would you mind sharing who makes it? Thanks!

  • Absolutely love your tattoos, always have. I love hearing all the stories behind them. I am so terrified of needles, so I’m not sure I’d every get one myself, but if I ever did doing something discrete, small, and sentimental is exactly what I’d do.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Love this post and they all look so amazing!


  • Alina Conn

    Love this post!

  • I love these, especially the W. I really want to get a small, dainty initial but it’ll be my first tattoo and am not sure where to place it…

  • Thanks for sharing all the stories behind your tattoos! They’re all so beautifully done.

  • These are so elegant, I love them. Great post!


  • This was so cool to read – I love a good story. I have one tattoo now, but my sister and I have been toying the the idea of getting matching worry dolls for years and assuming our schedules will line up, we’re hoping to get them over the Thanksgiving holiday 🙂 My sister drew the tattoo I have now, half of a heart (outline) and half of a cursive z (for my last name), which creates a full heart and even though it’s not exactly where I want it to be, it’s special to me.

    26 and Not Counting

  • Just found this post and oh my gosh Jacey I’m in love. All of my tattoos are pretty big but I 100% love the tiny ones, too. I think my favorites of yours are the arrows and your W for William. That one gets me a little teary because, inevitably, I think about how I’m going to memorialize my pups when their time eventually comes. These are all truly beautiful. And now I want to get another piece. Nobody was surprised.