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Mom always knows best. So, this Mother’s Day I turned to her to submit a guest blog post in hopes to shed some of her wisdom to my readers.

01. What is your top hostessing tip?
Try to have as much done ahead of time as possible (still working on this one).  That way, you are able to relax and enjoy the occasion with your guests.

02. What is one life lesson you wish to pass on to your children?
Only one?  This is a tough one because I am still learning life-lessons.  It would have to be to follow your heart, always be true to yourself, do things that really make you happy, and you are a gift for others in this gift of life..  (I squeezed four into one sentence.)

03. How do you overcome hardship?
There are different types of hardships …”Accept the things I cannot change” has helped me through some trying times. However, in the grand scheme of life… I really have no hardships.  I am truly blessed.

04. What have you learned from your Mother?
My mother is amazing, and I am still learning things from her today.  She is in her 80’s and the first to tell you that age is just a  number (totally agree).   She has taught me that a strong woman can be as tough as nails, but at the same time..loving, thoughtful and self-less. She is the “Grandest of all Memes”..and would  put her life on the line for any one of her family members. Of course, she would still be in perfect hair and makeup, looking fabulous in everything pink!!

05. What is your most prized possession?
Prized possessions have changed as I have grown older. I used to think that  things such as houses, cars, clothes/jewelry, etc., were important…. Now…not so much!   Of course, I am going to say my children are my prized possessions ….but, I know that doesn’t count.  So, I would have to say…my flute/piccolo, the piano we all grew up playing, sheet music/pictures/books..  But, my favorites have to be the hand-made gifts that my kids made over the years….painted rocks, finger and hand print artwork,  decorated coffee mugs….. They are the best!

0 Leave a Comment May 13, 2017
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