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  • WOOHOO! Great job!! Your shoes are killaaa. I loved it, is that really footage from your family farm? It’s great and made me smile. Congrats 🙂

  • Wow, congratulations! What a great opportunity! How did you come across this? Did Levi’s contact you to do the ad, or did you contact them?

  • Marissa

    Wow, Jacey! That promo is completely awesome! Congratulations on it!

    I grew up on a farm, so I know exactly what you mean by the fact that you’re a Levi’s kind of gal. I mean, jeans are a staple for everyone, even us farm girls.

    Congrats again!

  • andrea

    woot woot! congratulations, so awesome!

  • Congrats Jacey! Yay! Big things coming for you!

  • Lisa

    CONGRATS, Jacey! You look amazing!!! Love the video!

  • Lisa

    P.S. I’m taking your advice and going to invest in an Arty ring with my fantasy football winnings. I smoked all of the boys in my league. 🙂

  • Molly

    Such an awesome video! Die for the shoes! Congrats

  • Jacey, congrats girl! That is so exciting. You look fabulous and the video is fantastic. So cool! Happy for you.

  • Ann


    This is Great! Congratulations! Yay to Texas Girls!

  • Matty


  • Cristina

    Amazing!! So happy for you, Jacey! Congratulations!

  • Eve

    Hey, I absolutely loved the shoes!!! Now I can’t stop thinking about them! Would you mind sharing what brand they are?

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  • This was great! I really love how you collaborated with a brand you had a personal affinity with! Love the shot of you and the hubby the sun was perfect! Thanks for sharing this amazing opportunity with us all!!

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  • Thank you for share. I like design is Levi’s Jeens.