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Why I'm Scared To Stay Home Alone {Video}

0 Leave a Comment Nov 11, 2017
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Today I am opening up about something that I was a bit resistant to share. While I do not stay home alone very often, the more and more it happens the more my anxiety has increased over the past year. I actually quite love being alone, yet I’ve found myself battling panic attacks and ending my nights in tears for the fear of someone breaking into my house. When I was home alone in the 6th grade, my home was broken in to while I hid in my parents shower. In this video I’m talking about my experience and how I’m working to conquer the fear of staying home alone.

0 Leave a Comment Nov 11, 2017
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  • Ohhh wow, that was surely an unpleasant experience that could easily affect a person. I’m sorry to hear about your bad moments but thank you so much for opening up because we all have our fears and tragics. It’s a learning experience in life. But look on the bright side you always have that little adorable Polly everywhere with you in the house and you are never home alone. 😘♥️🐶👍

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  • Thanks for sharing something so profound with your followers

  • Erika

    Very true! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience when you were young! Your words are very inspiring and so true!
    xoxo Erika

  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely love it!!

    Mireia from TGL

  • I am sorry you had this horrible experience, I don’t like being home alone either xo

  • I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I pray that you overcome the fear.

  • Darling I have been a person who’s life had been ruled with anxiety. Please, I implore you don’t let it take hold . If you can’t do it by yourself get help! I now live in the moment and my anxiety is much more controlled . Anxiety can ruin your life !
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  • sue bradley

    Jacie I am so sorry that this is happening to you! I am so glad that you were brave enough to share this with others. I have a background in hypnotherapy and this trauma that you are had years ago and its manifestation in panic and anxiety is very normal!!! This kind of challenge is very effectively addressed using hypnotherapy. But you must see someone who is skilled in it. I am not practicing anymore but if you need help finding a reputable person please contact me. Talking about it to a counsellor is great BUT this trauma is in your subconscious mind and that is why its reocurring and very real to you!!! Trust me I had to go through this myself and it was incredibly freeing!!! I wish you all the best! x

  • I have never experienced something like this, but I am kinda uncomfortable home alone….

  • This is crazy, almost the same exact thing happened to me when i was in 6th grade. Some guy broke into our house when me and my younger brother were home alone, although my hiding place was not great so the burglar found me and I was forced to chase him out in my pajamas. It’s probably because I chased him out that it hasn’t really effected me in adulthood. There have definitely been times at night, when I’m by myself that I feel like someone could be creeping in, but for the most part I can recognize that this was a fluke occurrence and not something that happens regularly. It’s also made me much more brave about going out on my own, or being alone places, like I know how to handle myself so I don’t need to be afraid, if that makes sense.

  • Lindsay

    Jacey! You are strong and you can do it! You go girl!

  • Thank you for sharing this-not just your vulnerability, but also how you are working to challenge yourself and grow. I’m so glad your therapist is helpful in these goals!

  • Blondie, Esq.