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Hurricane Harvey

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I was unable to upload the post I had originally intended due to zero cell phone service over the weekend. When I got back home on Sunday night, I wanted to spend my time connecting with my friends and family in Texas.

As a farmer’s daughter in Taft, Texas {a suburb to Corpus Christi} our lives have always been greatly influenced by the weather. Between drought, heavy rainfalls and hurricanes, I am no stranger to the sad truth that life can be turned upside down in a matter of minutes.

I went to bed Friday night with zero cell phone service in Sequoia National Park and tossed and turned with nightmares about the fact that my Dad was staying in our house, right where the eye of the storm was headed. I have full faith in my Dad’s ability to survive with no power, extreme weather conditions and life in the wild. I joke that he is the Indiana Jones of the family but in all seriousness: When I asked him what his plan was if the water & electricity was lost he laughed, “I suppose I’ll just fill the tubs with water and use a gas stove to cook on!” He didn’t seem worried, but perhaps that’s why my Dad has always been the best Dad in the world. He will do anything and everything in his power to not have us kids worry about him.

Laying in bed Friday night, around 2am Texas time, my memory took me back to childhood days of my Mom packing us up to flee Corpus Christi to avoid Hurricane Gilbert. I dreamt about hiding in the closet as the howling winds threatened our home with Hurricane Bret. The next morning I leapt out of bed and ran down to the main cabin where I found 2 bars of wifi. Immediately texting my Dad I heard the fellow campers exclaiming about the awful news they read about the severity of the storm. Luckily, my worst nightmares did not come true when I was able to get a few text messages through to my Dad. He admitted that things got dicey. At one point, he went to the safest place in our house, his closet and while we lost barns, trees and power, he is safe. Sadly, not everyone in Texas has been as fortunate.

I have great pride for my home state and my heart is hurting for my fellow friends and neighbors who are still battling Harvey. I hope that you can find some sort of solace in my words that I will be praying for your safety. Thank you to the brave heroes who are out there risking lives to help those in need.

If you would like to contribute to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, please click here.

0 Leave a Comment Aug 28, 2017
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