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High Five to Five

0 Leave a Comment Apr 15, 2013
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Since it is our 5 year anniversary {dating, not married} I will keep the sappy-ness short & sweet and simply say 5 things I absolutely love about my husband.

1. He hates social media {Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even blogging}. I’m sure we can all find the irony in this. I find it enduring that {aside from this look book shoot}, he absolutely can’t stand having his photograph taken or any information public.

2. He is my #1 fan. This blog simply would not be Damsel in Dior if it weren’t for this man. He is the face behind every photograph, the joke behind every laughing picture you see and the support that keeps me going.

3. It’s okay to fall, everyone falls, and when I do he is always there to pick me right back up. No judgements, no questions asked. He is just there.

4. Funniest. Man. Alive. Period.

5. Lastly, because 5 years feels like we’ve been together 5 days yet known each other for 50 {years that is}!

Smythe Blazer // Hudson Shorts // BCBG Top // Gorjana Shoes, Bag & Jewelry

Beautiful photos from Gorjana & Griffin

Pretty hair & make-up from: Devon Duff

0 Leave a Comment Apr 15, 2013
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  • Kerry


    I love all of these pictures!-amazing (as usual)! 🙂

    Cheers to many, many more years! xo

  • Awwww me and Sam are 5 years dating this weekend!! So cute xx


  • Y’all are a very cute couple!

    Love the outfit too!

  • this is super gorgeous and perfect style inspiration for the summer
    kw, Ladies in Navy
    J. Crew giveaway!

  • Love your blazer!
    Abby and Alannah

  • LOVE THIS!!!!! Thanks for posting! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Happy 5 years you guys! I can completely relate to #1 especially. Justin haaaaates all the privacy invasion. Too funny to see who they ended up with 😉

  • Lovely story!! Thanks you so much for sharing :). My hubby and I have been together for a total of 8 years. And since I’m new to fashion blogging, I can definitely understand the value of a strong and supportive partner by your side. Congrats!!

  • It seems you have the perfect husband! Lucky you and happy anniversary!

  • Congrats to you both! I can relate to so many thing with my boyfriend from your 5 things! This photo shoot is priceless!

    Luci’s Morsels – fashion. food. frivolity.

  • Y’all are so cute!

  • Ali

    Love this! You two are so darling!

  • sweet. sound like my husband!

  • omg, my boyfriend is the same way – hates all social media and gets so flustered taking outfit photos of me! LOL happy anny!


  • Mary Jane

    “Beautiful photos (not photo’s) from Gorjana and Griffin.”

  • Happy 5 years!! Y’all are so adorable 🙂 I’ve been with my husband for almost 8 (dated for 5 and married for almost 3) and I feel the exact same way about him!

  • this is so sweet! congrats on your anniversary 😉

  • Lovely photos. Congrats on five amazing years together!

  • Congratulations! Love these facts. And cheers to many many more!

  • Congratulations! You two are darling. And I totally love your bracelets.

  • This is such a sweet post – it made me teary eyed. I love love (yes, I’m a sap) and it makes my heart happy when I read sweet stuff like this…

  • Congratulation, you guys make an awesome couple.


  • Stephanie

    Happy five year anniversary!! So cute and romantic!


  • Erin

    *endearing not enduring 😉 Congrats!

  • This is so sweet! Gorgeous pictures!

  • Very cute couple!!!

    I love how you made black a ‘spring’ color.

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • This had me smiling the whole read through. Gorgeous pictures and happy 5 years to yall!

  • amy
  • Number five is absolutely beautiful! You totally captured that mix of first date butterflies and old familiarity that true love has!

  • Jocelyn

    Hey Jacey,
    Loving your blog as always but I’ve noticed the incorrect use of apostrophes creeping in; (I’m a school teacher so I notice these things!) – you only need an apostrophe for ownership – so it’s ‘photos by J Pilar’ not photo’s – as this apostrophe denotes ownership etc.

    I hope you see this as constructive criticism from one of your loyal readers :0

    Kindest regards,

  • Sam

    You look so adorable and in love! I’m kinda obsessed with all your bracelets. So cute.

  • This is beyond sweet. Congrats you two!

  • Quincy is SO much like Grant. Hates social media, getting his photo taken, being on the blog. He loved reading this and loved connecting back with Grant. xox

  • Happy 5 year anniversary! I am adoring this photo shoot! You look so pretty! 🙂


    Fierce & Fashionable

  • Samantha

    Your hubby is super hot!! lol Happy 5 years!

  • Natalie

    I❤ur 5 things u ❤ about ur man!!!! Y’all really are absolutely freaking adorable! So u think y’all might add some little Damsels in Dior in the next 5 yrs? (Y’all are too gorgeous not to procreate!!!)