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Do's & Don'ts for the Thanksgiving Table

0 Leave a Comment Nov 8, 2017
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When it comes to hosting Thanksgiving each year, I’ve gotten more and more comfortable with my ability to throw things together last minute. No family wants the host/hostess stressing out the week before the big day. I recently invited a few friends over to my house for a fall feast. Were my plates all matching? No. Did the napkins match? Definitely not. But we ended up having a blast and no one really seemed to care.

Here are a few Thanksgiving table Do’s and Don’ts that will hopefully inspire and alleviate your anxiety levels pre-turkey dinner.

DO use butcher paper as a table runner! No need to go out and spend a fortune on fresh linens that will only get ruined by spilled gravy. I have a large spool of kraft paper I keep in the closet and cannot tell you how many times I use it for various things like wrapping paper and place settings.

DON’T disappear in the kitchen for hours and enlist the help of your guests. Thanksgiving should be a time where everyone pitches in to help.

DO listen to dietary restrictions and make sure to have dairy-free, vegan options as needed.

DON’T make your guests wait until 10pm to eat on an empty stomach. Set a start time and stick to it!


DO make a toast to kick off the dinner!

DON’T forget to have vegetables. Planning a well balanced meal is super important to being a host.

DO have rolls on the table. Period.



Don’t have your cell phone out or on the table. Just leave it in your bag or pocket.

Do help with clean up. Even if the host/hostess denies help, be sure to at least take your plate to the kitchen.

Don’t forget a gift for the host. A candle, nice bottle of wine or desert option goes a long way.

Do say thank you for the amazing dinner!

Don’t be shy to send a thank you note as a follow up.

What is your top Thanksgiving Dos and Don’ts? Leave a comment below!

0 Leave a Comment Nov 8, 2017
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  • Such a simple and charming classy table setting look! Love ❤️ it much! ♥️♥️♥️
    Merci for the always helpful tips.

    🍂🍃LA BIJOUX BELLA 🍂🍃| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Em

    Love the idea of using butcher paper as a runner!

  • theblackblush blog

    Great tips! Love the the table setting!

    The Black Blush

  • Ray

    That’s a simple yet chic set up.

  • i’m hosting a friendsgiving dinner next week 🙂 thanks for the great tips! any tips on where to get 10-12 dinnerware and flatware sets without breaking the bank?

  • Rach

    These are great tips and totally agree with your do’s and don’t!

  • These are all such great tips and they are totally relevant for Christmas dinners too!


  • Darling my one tip to add is arrive on time , this not a party this is a dinner! Nothing stresses the host more
    than throwing the timing off.
    Dress The Part

  • Christine Kwasny

    Don’t bring cut flowers that aren’t already in a vase. No host/ess wants to have to drop everything to find a vase. If you bring an item to share, be sure it’s ready to serve (completely prepared with serving utensils) – you were invited to bring a dish – not prepare it in the host’s kitchen! Know when to say good-bye – the hosts worked hard to prepare and will be happy to see their guests come – and go.

  • Crystal Rose Cathcart

    I love making a playlist in advance of hosting the meal so I have music to motivate me in the kitchen as well as in the rooms they will be hanging in. Music creates a great vibe, even if you are not in the room to control the mood! It also helps make the stress of cooking on a busy day more fun!

    • Crystal Rose Cathcart

      BTW I use Sonos to manage that experience nicely

  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely love it!!

    Mireia from TGL