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Damsel Digest: NY in March

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This past week I hopped over to the Big Apple with Seven Daughters Wine to meet & greet a few of our favorite editors. I love New York in the winter, in the summer, in the fall . . . every time I visit I am astonished by the unique experiences I have and new places I am introduced to. Here are seven Damsel Discoveries from NYC this week.

1. Grand Central Terminal // It’s funny how often I have passed by this beautiful and historic landmark and never took the time to peak inside. Wow. This special place is a living, bustling temple to New York’s illustrious past.Slurp some Kumamotos at the legendary Oyster Bar downstairs, and wash them down with a Manhattan at the swank Campbell Apartment. Tell a secret to your partner in the Whispering Gallery: stand at the end of either Oyster Bar ramp and whisper into the wall; you’ll be heard way across on the other side. Explore the “secret” elevated passageways for a spectacular view of the concourse. Even if you have nowhere to go you can spend hours in the 100-year-old depot and never get bored.

2. Chatwal Hotel // If I had to use two words to describe my personal style they would be: Cozy & Chic. That is also two words I’d use to describe the atmosphere at the Chatwal Hotel. If you find yourself in the Times Square area be sure to pop in for a martini. Or, if you are a Starwood member, this hotel is a must stay and you can’t beat an upgrade {if available} to their spectacular suites.

3. Run or Walk across Brooklyn Bridge // I lucked out with a picturesque Saturday whose weather begged me to take a nice long run. In effort to try out new terrain {away from my usual Central Park trail} I ventured on the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge where I was able to take in the amazing views of the city. I highly recommend the trek if you have time.

4. Lunch at Le Bernadin // I was raised with the mentality that you shouldn’t spend an arm and a leg on food because “you will be just as full eating a cheeseburger from McDonald’s.” But boy, oh boy was I happy to treat myself to a late afternoon lunch at Le Bernadin. Garnering three coveted Michelin stars (one of only seven restaurants in NYC with this high of a ranking), Le Bernardin is very proper, very ambitious, and thrillingly French. I ordered the city harvest menu in the lounge where it’s just the right amount of food and a portion of the cost goes to the charity city harvest. 

5. Ladurée // My favorite french macaroon can be visited in NYC and it has quickly become a must-stop for me with every single visit. I crave, crave a visit to this adorable must have macaroon shop.

6. Bryant Park Grill // The lovely ladies from Seven Daughters & I had lunch at this beautifully covered patio that features Bryant Park as a backdrop. While it was freezing outside, it will still breathtaking. I can’t wait to revisit when it gets nice out!

7. The Guggenheim // I really can’t tell you the amount of times I have been to NY nor can I count how many times I have passed by the Guggenheim. I can tell you this: 1 visit to the Guggenheim Museum made all of the dozens of prior trips to NY seem insignificant. I don’t know what took me so long to finally pay the museum a visit but I hope you will after I tell you that it is worth a look. It only takes about 30-45 mins to walk the space so don’t let the idea overwhelm you {as it did for me}.

Images borrowed from: Maybelline// Moeys Photography // Saveur // OKane Enterprises // Oyster // 500px // Habitually Chic // PBase // Etsy // BD.Edu // NY Sights


0 Leave a Comment Mar 30, 2014
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