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FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

6 Tips For Avoiding the Flu {and Cold}

Everyone, and I mean everyone {but me}, seems to have the flu. It’s  been circulating around Los Angeles over the past few weeks and it’s...

FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

5 Mistakes You May Be Making On Your Run

I’ve finally gotten back in to a nice, healthy habit with my workout schedule which {as many of you know} involves running. I love running...

FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

The Morning After {Hangover Cures}

We’ve all been there. In fact, I’m guessing that on this first morning of 2018, there are a lot of us are finding ourselves smack...

FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

5 Unusual Resolutions I'm Making This Year

Last year I kind of boycotted the idea of making personal resolutions. I mean, I made a list but let’s be honest … I didn’t...

FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

Cold Remedies: What works, What doesn't work & What Can't Hurt

I hate, hate, hate being sick. I mean, who honestly likes being sick? Over the weekend I somehow managed to pick up a head cold {insert...

FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

This Is Why You Hate Running

So many people have a shocked reaction when I tell them how much I love running. “Really!?” they will say, “Ugh, I hate running.” A lot of...

FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

How To Beat Jet Lag

I’m jetting off to Paris for fashion week right now and I could not be more excited! However, there is one thing that can be...

FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

6 Couch Approved Workout Moves

Raise your hand if you clearly stated in your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 that you would be in the best shape possible by summer...

FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

Easy Pasta Sauce Recipe

So many of you have been asking me for my easy pasta sauce recipe that I keep posting about on Snapchat and Instagram. Well, here...

FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

Currently Eating

When it comes to food, I’m the girl you’ll find in the drive through of McDonald’s every other week and eating a bagel for breakfast....

FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

5 Unusual Resolutions For a Better Life

Who says we have to all wait for the ball to drop to 2017 to create a few new resolutions? I recently devoted myself to...

FOOD & FITNESS — Lifestyle

My Workout Regime

If you have been following along in my adventures on Snapchat {at DamselinDior}, you may have noticed I’ve have been slowly but surely been working out...

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