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Home Sweet Damsel

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

Damsel's Guest Cottage

Finally the day has come! I swear I have been mastering the art of procrastination with finishing the tiny guest cottage that sits in the...

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

My Thanksgiving Table

Last Thursday I hosted my first Thanksgiving in Home Sweet Damsel. Then, on Friday, I turned around and did it all over again with another...

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

Polly's Piano Room

Finally! I have been dreaming of this room since I can remember. We call it the Polly’s Piano Room. I grew up with a piano...

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

Home Sweet Damsel // Ep. 6

Finally revealing my closet from the Home Sweet Damsel series. For more closet inspiration, visit my “Closets Closets Closets” Pinterest board....

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

Home Sweet Damsel // Ep. 5

It’s finally here! The big before & after reveal of our Home Sweet Damsel project. Naturally, we’ve saving the closet reveal for a bonus episode....

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

Guest Cottage Inspiration

I knew that my “Beautiful Beds” Pinterest board would come in handy one day. Even after our major re-haul on “Home Sweet Damsel,” I am...

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

Home Sweet Damsel // Ep. 4

The walls are up and floors are going in. The house is slowly coming together and with the kitchen cabinets and bathrooms installed, this will...

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

Home Sweet Damsel // Ep. 3

We are finally in Episode 3 and with only 2 episodes left, we are getting closer and closer to getting the hardwood floors in and...

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

Home Sweet Damsel // Ep. 2

See the full series here!...

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

Home Sweet Damsel // Ep. 1

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to finally be able to share the Home Sweet Damsel series with you. I know,...

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

Parachute Bath Collection

It is absolutely no secret that I am 100% obsessed with taking baths. I average at least 3 baths per week so when renovating the...

Home Sweet Damsel — Interior

Walls That Talk

Part of my job is to feature the latest and greatest of fashion, interiors, travel and other topical interests in a way that beautifully and...

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