Between The Lines

J.Crew Dress and Crop Top

Let’s be honest. Ain’t no one who wants to see my 30 year old self trotting around in a crop top like I’ve got a six pack of abs. Truth is, I’ve got a six pack of truffle fries & too many bowls of pasta hidden under my layers. But I do love the crop top trend and one way I’m styling it for my 30 year old self is to layer it on top of dresses, tanks or with a high waisted skirt.

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… Makes Three


His: The food. I not much of a turkey guy so Thanksgiving doesn’t really do it for me. But our traditional steak dinner followed by chilaquiles in the morning really hits a sweet spot for me.

Hers: Every year we hang a piece of mistletoe in our entry hall. It’s a small tradition we started after moving in together and it always makes for a great spot to sneak in a few kisses here and there.

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