Over 95 miles {with a month off from injury} I ran in training for the hills, the sweat and the challenge.  The music had been carefully selected and outfit perfectly planned. As we rounded the corner of mile 12 my entire body felt numb. I couldn’t hear the music blasting in my ears anymore. I couldn’t grasp on to any positive thought of “Just Do It” or “You are almost there.” I couldn’t see the finish line only 1 mile away. The 50 degree chill of the early San Francisco morning began to bite at my bones. All of the muscles in my feet ached in agony. My knees felt as if they were going to give out on me with each pounding step against the street.

If you handed me a million dollars to complete the full marathon at that moment I would have laughed in your face. There was no way I could go on.

If you ask me in this moment if I would do it all over again? My answer: Absolutely.

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