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Damsel Diaries

Damsel Diaries — Life

Paris FW Video Diary Pt. 3

Quick clips from the Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week & a beautiful afternoon spent at the Tuileries Gardens. We enjoyed my favorite lunch in...

Damsel Diaries — Life

Paris FW Video Diary Pt. 2

My best friend Gia surprised me in Paris just in time for some vintage shopping, park hopping and my favorite burger of all time {from...

Damsel Diaries — Life

Paris FW Video Diary Pt. 1

I’m hoppin and boppin’ around the city of Paris this week and very excited to share with you a video diary of my experiences. Here’s...

Damsel Diaries — Life

NYFW Video Diary

I went, I saw, I loved everything at NYFW. Because you all had such strong positive feedback for the February NYFW video, I decided to...

Damsel Diaries — Life


Thousands of comments on the blog and social media, hundreds of e-mails and notes along with dozens of flowers delivered to the house… we are...

Damsel Diaries — Life

Rest in Peace

I have dreaded this day since April 13, 2005. All I knew is that I wanted an English Bulldog, I was going to name him...

Damsel Diaries — Life

In Response

Sometimes bringing things back to the core basics is the best way to solve any problem. As you all have probably gathered by now, I...

Damsel Diaries — Life

Unpublished & Survey

Things are moving and shaking over in the offices of Damsel in Dior {which is super exciting} and with growth comes a bit of craze....

Damsel Diaries — Life

The Woman Behind Me

The first touch, the first “I love you” and the first tears that I ever shed were met with her comfort, her warmth and her love. The relationship between...

Damsel Diaries — Life

It's Easy

“We are what we repeatedly do,” says Aristotle. Today, someone asked me what the hardest habit that I have ever made is and instinctively, my...

Damsel Diaries — Life

Happy Birthday William

William Potato McBacon Duprie, My baby. My Mr. Giggles, Bacon, Biggie, SnugBug, Willie P… I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on you....

Damsel Diaries — Life

Birthday Blues

Traveling alone is made easy with my Beats Pill continuously blaring tunes and travel candle burning scents from home. The song “Going Gets Tough” echoes...

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