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A Girl In The Field

0 Leave a Comment Jan 24, 2014
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It’s kind of crazy if you think about it. I have built my life around playing dress up. I can completely understand why people mock the fashion industry. I get why there are haters. But for me, there is something deeper and more meaningful in why I choose to take special care in the way I present myself to the world.

I don’t always understand it, but my heart & soul feel it.

When I pick up a piece of clothing that is made from cotton, I smile in knowing that the cotton came from a farm, far away, where there may or may not have been a little girl playing make believe just as I used to do. For me, playing dress up meant that I could be someone other than a farmer’s daughter who lived in the middle of nowhere Texas for the day. For me, playing dress up meant that I could sing at the Grand Ole Opry, I could fight pirates, become Alice In Wonderland or pretend I was walking the runway at NYFW. While I grew up on a cotton farm, surrounded by thousands of acres of open land, I also grew up playing different careers, different sides to my personality and exploring what I wanted my life to be.

Then, one day, I went out and became her. That is what this blog is all about. Using the way you dress to become the woman you want to be.

Who do you want to be today?

Zara Turtleneck {in store, similar one here} // Helmut Lang Pull On Jean {$195} // Nicholas Kirkwood Heels {purchased at Satine} // Wanderlust Necklace{$30, c/o} // Wanderlust Ring {℅} // Vita Fede Mini Titan Rings // Cosabella Soft Bra {$47} /

Photos by Felicia Lasala

0 Leave a Comment Jan 24, 2014
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  • Marlene

    omg, did you just wear a colored PRINT?! Only on your shoes, but love it!

    Books have the same effect on me as clothes do you on you….but I like clothes too.

  • Vicky

    Great post – I feel the same. Having no female friends that view fashion in the same way and working in an industry as far from fashion as possible I question on a daily basis why it means so much to me. The answer is simple, it just does. It’s who I am and I wouldnt change it for the world.

    Beautiful outfit.. and that bag – stunning.

  • Vicky

    p.s. those heels.. LOVE

  • Those shoes are so unique and lovely and great touch for spicing up a neutral look.

    “A Sunny Black and White” Blog post on:

  • I just love the creativity evident in the clothing design! There are so many creative designers out there coming up with great and fun ways to get dressed! Love it!

  • Saša
  • dress to become the woman you want to be – i like that!!
    great post and gorgeous outfit
    i love your shoes

  • There are too many bitter people in this world..rather than focus on themselves..they choose to hate other people. ;(

  • I always think of clothes as an external layer of skin that function as a means for me to triumph in my day. Some days that means blending in, other days it means a sparkly piece to give myself a little pick-me-up.


  • Holy LOVING this look!!!!!!! Those shoes are amazing. I have my masters in Social Work and I always go back and forth between fashion and SW. I always end up feeling that fashion is just for me and I end up feeling so much more fulfilled doing something that effects me and others on a deeper level.
    Sheree xxx

  • Kim

    Words well spoken! Fashion for me is an escape, always makes me feel positive and definitely inspires. Your shoes are lush, love this look!


  • Kathy

    Great post Jacey! And love that bag!

  • Love this look! Amazing photos! Love those heels!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  • Yea, I understood you. I love clothes so much too<3 Great outfit!

  • I’m the same way, clothes make me happy so I will shop! Love those heels and that Celine…beautiful!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  • Love this post and couldn’t agree more! Who DO I want to be today?! I’m off to find the answer in my closet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • such a great post, a perfect way to word something that is so hard to put into words.


  • You are so on point fashion wise and the way you think! Love it!

  • Those Satine pumps are just so beautiful! I’m the same with clothing. I think one article of clothing has such history behind it even when you pick it up from the store. I can’t get over how special clothing actually is… it defines us.

  • “Then, one day, I went out and became her.” My new favorite quote… Great post Jacey.

  • your heels! fab
    Ladies in Navy

  • Beautiful, classic look,and love those heels!

  • Vanessa

    Great post, I feel the same when I buy an amazing piece that is out of the ordinary and inspires me to hold myself differently.

  • So very well said!! It’s exactly what my blog means to me too so I understand it to the bone. I really enjoy your blog beyond the lovely clothes and all the types of woman you embody…I enjoy how that all brings out your soul and how you feel! It really comes through!



  • You’re amazing Jacey and I totally get it.

  • I love this post! It is so true, when I pick out my outfit I am deciding what type of day I am going to have! Your handbag and shoes are amazing!

  • FInally someone put into words how I feel about clothes! Thanks Jacey and those shoes ROCK!

  • those heels! no words. great post.

  • Jenny

    Love your blog! BTW – the bag and shoes- to.die.for.

  • Beautiful. I agree I have the same feeling about dressing up and clothes in general. It gives you freedom to express yourself and be whoever you want to be.

    Fabulous 30s

  • AJH

    It is truly amazing to have a passion. Mine is Event Production…and I feel blessed to be obsessed with it as much as I am. That and my husband make my world spin…. and i don’t need to totally understand it all the time.

  • I love that description! It’s beautiful! You’re blog is such a happy place and I always love your pictures but I mostly love when you write things from the heart like this 🙂

  • Amy Guzzi

    Love the shoes! Amazing!

  • I feel like this post speaks to me! I feel that way about clothing. Some people don’t understand how I feel about clothing and fashion and thats ok! Dressing lets you be who you want to be.

  • I absolutely love this: “Using the way you dress to become the woman you want to be.”

    You’re one of the few fashion bloggers that has given me REAL food for thought. I don’t have the same relationship with clothing, but I do respect people who do and aspire to put more effort into what I wear. I love the idea that you can dress up to be the person you want to be. And that can translate into many things.

    x Catherine
    The Single Diaries

  • Kelsey

    Can you please post the actual link to the purchase page for the shoes?! Love and would love to buy but don’t see them on the links you’ve posted! Thanks!!

  • Seriously, thank you for this post. I’ve wondered the same thing before, but what I wear has a huge effect on how I feel about myself, and that goes way beyond labels or looks. Fashion is art and self-expression, and people who don’t understand that typically just express themselves in different ways. Awesome post (and outfit!).

  • I am loving the handbag!

  • That is so me.Absolutely love the shoes!!!

  • Such a simple but chic look!


  • Such a great post!

    Love this look and those shoes are so gorgeous, just the perfect hint of colour!

    Greetings from London,

  • Kim

    I always struggle with loving clothes. At the end of the day I do think it’s a form of art . I don’t think it’s materialistic if you are buying what you love, not for the label, and staying in budget. Love these shoes!

  • Love this post! Also, in love with those shoes – so classy!

  • Jordan

    Beautiful post, thank you for the uplifting words!

  • This was so wonderfully said. I have always loved fashion and have battled whether it’s just frivolous or something more. But the truth is I’m good at it and that’s my gift.
    Thanks for these words!
    xo Adri