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Travel - Favorites

7 Carry On Essentials

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Whether it’s a splash in the Indian Ocean, a walk down the beach in Bali or even just a nice stay-cation in your home town, here are 7 Items that every Damsel should have in her carry on when hopping around the world.


1. Evian Facial Water SprayNot only do I chug water when I’m on a plane to prevent dehydration, but I literally spray water mist on my face to keep my skin looking dewy for landing.

2. Carmex: Without a doubt, my lips always get chapped when I’m in transit and the only {and I mean only} lip balm that does the trick on my lips is Carmex. Can’t leave home without it!

3. Advil: Nothing is worse than being stuck on a plane with a migraine. I swear by Advil so it’s has to be in my carry on bag at all times.

3. Journal for Jotting: There’s something about being up in the air that inspires creativity. On long haul flights, my favorite thing to do is order a glass of wine, turn on some tunes and write in my journal.

4. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: My hair falls flat. So, the minute the plane hits the ground, this spray hits my hair to add volume. Plus it smells fantastic!

5. Kai Travel Lotion: The smell of Kai Lotion puts me in insta-vacation mode plus packing perfume means you have to check a bag. I actually got this entire travel set from Kai and absolutely love it!

7. Clinique Eye Cream: As odd as it sounds, the area under my eyes gets really puffy and dry when I fly. As a preventative, I sneak to the bathroom mid flight and apply some of my favorite eye cream.


Photos by Alexandra Gibbs


0 Leave a Comment Jul 22, 2014
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