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5 House Hacks for more Luxurious Living

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When it comes to tricking the eye, I have a few tricks of the trade that were passed down to me on how to pull off a luxurious living style in the household. None of these are rocket science, however you would be surprised what a few small adjustments can do for your home.

1. Buy once & Refill


Just because I have the cool Aesop Shampoo & Conditioner bottles in my shower doesn’t necessarily mean I’m forking out $50 every time I need a refill. I fill those puppies back up with a $5 bottle of Pantene!

2. Think Round, Outside of the Square Box


Round mirrors or tables give the illusion of more space. Plus it is a nice alternative to thinking inside of the box and adds an elevated look to any room.


Round Brass Mirror 28"


Living Spaces

Lalita Metal & Glass Accent Table



Oak Coffee Table



Highland Honeycomb Barell



Grundtal Mirror



Marlton End Table


Urban Outfitters

Colorblock Mirror


3. White Linens for the Win


I get the appeal of using towels as a way to add a jolt of color or trendiness to your home, however all white towels have a clean and chic way of making any bathroom or kitchen look fantastic. Then you can buy one or two Missoni hand towels to bust out when you are feeling bland.

Lauren Ralph Lauren

Wescott Face Cloth



Prospero Collection Cotton Bath Towel


Hotel Collection

Finest Elegance Bath Towel


Crate & Barrel

Turkish Cotton White Bath Towels



Bernini 3-Pc Towel Set, White


Austin Horn Collection

Classic Terry Hand Towel


4. Faux Fur Throw


I cannot tell you enough how much I love our faux fur throw. I use it over chairs, on my piano bench, next to the bed, on top of the bed…. everywhere! It’s extremely versatile and really does add a special touch to any room in the house.

Urban Outfitters

Faux Fur Rug

You don't need to spend $250 on your faux fur rug, this great Urban Outfitters find will definitely fill your rug void starting at $50.

Shop Now

5. Coffee Saucers & Candle Holders {oh my!}


The next time you find yourself drooling over the adorable coffee saucer at Caffé Greco in Paris I have a super duper top secret tip for you: Snag it. Ssshh, now now, don’t tell anyone but this will make for a sweet jewelry dish that is more meaningful than anything you can buy. Of course, ask if you can purchase one from the restaurant you are in – most will offer it for free! Also, wondering what to do with that pricey candle you purchased that’s burned out? Set the used candle under hot {really hot} running water and allow the melted wax to pour out. The candle jar makes for a really cute make-up brush or pen holder.



0 Leave a Comment Sep 29, 2016
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