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30 Days of "Real" Outfits

0 Leave a Comment Jun 20, 2016
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Taking beautiful photos for the blog in beautiful outfits is all fine and dandy. However, because so many of you have left wonderful comments on my Instagram or Tweeted me asking about what I’m wearing on Snapchat, I decided to track my outfits for 30 days straight and post about it. There were some days I was traveling, other days I never got out of pajamas and a few where {as you will notice} I wore items on repeat. Hopefully this gives you a little taste of the items in my closet I’ve been wearing a lot of. Please note that there were a few pieces, like this super cute top by Hutch, that we weren’t able to attach to the post. If you have any questions or comments please leave me a comment & I’ll do my best to get back to you stat!

Hope you enjoy!

Be sure to click the + at the end of the post to load more outfits. 

HD in Paris

Lily Lace Top


Old Navy

Mid Rise Rockstar Jeans


Mansur Gavriel

Grand Circle Bag


Lack of Color

Spencer Hat


Bottega Veneta

Intrecciato Leather Slides

0 Leave a Comment Jun 20, 2016
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  • You have great style. I love this pictures of outfits for inspiration. It’s a wonderful combo. of casual and dressed up which is perfect!

  • Dana Mannarino

    Loving all of these “real” outfits. They’re simply perfect!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  • The Beautiful Things
  • Lovely styles just parfait for any occasion … Any where, any place! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • I love this idea! That top is stunning, I have a similar one that I want to try styling like this now.


  • love them all! that crab tee is too cute

  • Love this! Such great mix and match looks!

  • I absolutely love this idea! I always think it’s fun to see what bloggers wear day to day. Love that you stay true to your style on and off the blog.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  • Carrie Colbert

    Love this idea.


  • Love this post!

  • Such a cool idea, like the old week of outfits people used to do!

  • Britta

    Even your “everyday” style is spot on. Thanks for sharing. In a recent Snapchat about packing for Santa Ynez you showed a striped bag for your makeup and other things. Can you share the brand when you get a chance please? Thanks!

  • Kelley

    LOVE THIS! It is so refreshing to see REAL outfits and not all sponsored curated looks. Thank you for sharing!

  • Loved seeing these. Just because it’s a barrage of outfits in one post haha.

  • Ebbie Style
  • This is the most perfect post ever! It is refreshing to see causal real outfits posts. It’s hard to dress up every day – haha 😛

    Arin ||

  • I love this post because it’s nice to see real outfits that are worn on a daily basis versus just the dressed up versions for photos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love this kind of posts! I think i like every single one! Great style!

    xx Alex

  • I love the way this post it laid out with the product thumbnails below!! 🙂

  • Love this ‘real’ post!

  • wow, these are really such great outfits! Really great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m obsessed with the striped round bag! x

  • Oh my gosh, I just really enjoyed this post so much!
    You have amazing taste and it really very similar to mine, so probably that’s why I’m in absolute delight 😀

    Thanks for sharing ♥
    Olya, x

  • Loved this post!


  • Love all the picks!

  • Rach

    Yay, I love this! I love your daily outfits!

  • Benita

    Love all the outfits! So summery.

  • Love all of the outfits, and I love this post idea!
    Katie ~

  • Love this idea! And all those snaps from your HK trip 🙂

  • Mary Katherine

    OBSESSED with that crab tank!!! And love your style, so chic and love the color palettes. you’re the best!


  • Amazing post! Love the idea of posting all your daily outfits and the outfits are so beautiful!

  • GAPeach

    Great inspiration, thanks for sharing!!

  • This is amazing! I’m much more interested in everyday outfits, and your finds are rad! Please keep doing this!


  • Kate Dinota

    Jacey- what size are you wearing in the madewell cardigan?

  • Elise Riehle

    I love this post SO MUCH! The theme for my personal style is all about “elevated basics,” and this post is total inspiration!!!! Thanks so much.

  • ilovejax1

    Love this post! — OBSESSED with your sunglasses! Who makes them?!?

  • Vicki Hall

    Always love you look…and your collection of fab bags!

  • This is a great idea, and your everyday style is amazing! I’d love to see more things like this, so helpful for things like traveling (:

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

  • Ksenia

    Some of your suggestions are really ridiculous. A black pant for 300, white shirt for 400 and shoes for 200? Really, Miss Blogger? Do you think your average reader can afford that? It’s not about “quality” or uniqueness. The same crap is make in the same factories. Perpetuating materialism and catering to the markerters that just want to grab your hard earned money is not a smart or stylish thing to do. Have some creativity and common sense and then I’ll read your blog.

    • TVJ

      You made some great points. I’m partial to DVF dresses which to me, look great on everyone. But I can’t afford $400-$600 per dress. I buy them gently-used on Ebay for a fraction of the price. It still annoys me that bloggers often tout very expensive items that we supposedly “can’t do without”!

      • Ksenia

        Exactly. It’s a sort of public showing off to boost their own egos and stoke envy when they know full well the average person cannot afford that.

        • TVJ

          I totally agree!

          • Wow, you two can easily just not read her blog if you do not like her suggestions. Really, it’s that simple! I usually never engage in negativity like this, but you two are beyond. Choices ladies, CHOICES! She in no way has a “duty” to you to only post affordable clothing.

            Damsel, if you can afford it, do it up! Keep inspiring amazing outfits.


          • TVJ

            There is nothing negative about wanting to save money on clothing. I actually DON’T read this blog–I just happened to respond to someone’s comment.

            You are right about CHOICES–I CHOOSE to spend my money going to Paris as often I can. Hence my unwillingness to spend an exorbitant about of money on clothes.

          • Ksenia

            You can also choose not to answer us. If there is a post on the Interwebs, I have every right as much as anyone to comment on it whether I like it or not. Do YOU only comment on things you are sheeped up about? I have no problem screenshooting my current paystub + commission cheque for my current $4559 income for this month. Let me know your email. I just don’t find the title “30 Days of REAL Outfits” real for my own blog readers and I’ll never steer them in the wrong direction to brag….

        • TVJ

          Just love people getting bent out of shape over NOTHING!

          • Ksenia

            I just checked. I’m not bent. Still upright. I really don’t exaggerate and just speak my mind. Not sure why it bothers you?

          • TVJ

            You aren’t the one getting bent out of shape at all. The person who’s bent out of shape is the one who was offended because we thought the cost of clothing in the article was ridiculous.

          • Ksenia

            Gotcha. Totally thought you were addressing me. Thanks for clearing it up. All the best.

  • Roxanne Otto Harrell

    I love this post! Please continue to do this — it’s great for really refining your closet and your style, two things I am working on. Thanks, Jacey, amazing as always. ?

  • Those Rupert Sanderson flats are haunting my dreams!

  • Jeannie

    I can’t believe I’ve just found out about your blog; I love it! Saw something about you on Tory Burch’s blog yesterday and have been on your IG and now here. Love all your clothes and shoes! Can’t wait to see your home when it’s done- is it done? Also, just have to say that for the 2nd time today, I’ve read hateful comments from “readers” that claim only when the blogger changes something she’s doing or posting according to that readers’ wants and demands, then and only then will the reader start “reading your blog”. I find this ironic, Bc isn’t she already reading the blog?? Some people are so full of themselves, it truly amazes me!! I love the clothes you wear and show on the blog, and I get ideas for my own wardrobe; I don’t necessarily plan on running out and buying the exact same pieces, some of which I may not be able to afford. Like I said, I love your blog!

  • Love this!! Please continue to do!!! Your outfits are always so inspirational cheap or expensive!

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