After The Storm

White Top Striped Skirt

Just as we approached the car, rain began to fall. It was followed rather quickly by large golf-sized hail; I’d never seen anything quite like it. After nervously bickering back and forth over a sheltered place to park the car to protect it from the storm, we sat in silence. In that moment I felt scared. Fearful of what had just happened and nervous for what rest before us as we had another hour and a half drive to Siena. I rolled the window down and breathed in the rainy air. There is nothing more exquisite to me in this world than the smell of weather. It is quite comforting; like being in the middle of our cotton farm back in Texas just as a hurricane is about to roll in. A part of me questions if it is the storm that I enjoy smelling, or the rush and adrenaline that surrounds the storm. Regardless, when weather rolls in, I feel a sense of nervous excitement like no other. It always serves as a reminder that no matter how strongly we stand, no matter where you go in life, that a few clouds can blow in and change everything . . . unexpectedly. Sometimes a storm takes a turn for the worse, other times it washes away debris and sets a landscape for new beginnings. But no matter what the outcome, you have to always breathe in the storm to truly appreciate what it has to offer. And, if you are lucky, it might bring you something beautiful.

White TopWhite Top Striped SkirtTom BinnsWhite TopValentinoWhite TopFloral PouchWhite Top

Theory Skirt {$190, similar one here for $60} // Cut Out Hem Top {$80} // Valentino Rock Stud Pump {$995, similar pair here} // Vita Fede Rings // Ray Ban Sunglasses // Logan Hollowell Earrings // Tom Binns Necklace {loaned from Elyse Walker} // Givenchy Pouch 

Photos by Sofia Barrios

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37 thoughts on “After The Storm

  1. Beautiful and simple outfit. Major fan of those shoes. I would really love to buy them but it will most definitely break my bank.


  2. Love this post. Love the fact that as opposed to just saying where your outfit is from and how lovely the clothes are, your writing background shows through and you always include a nice story or message. Makes you stand out among all the rest! Xx

  3. Ever since you wrote about the mysterious old man who knew you were a writer I’ve been paying closer attention to your writing (in addition to your outfits, of course)! You really are a great writer… Thank you for not only having great style, but creating a fashion blog that is also interesting to read! :)

  4. Your writing is fabulous!!!! You should really consider writing a novel… I would so read it. Keep it up :)
    … and as always you put together an adorable outfit.

    Cheers from Toronto,

  5. Jacey, I love how you wrote this post. Being a writer, I appreciate how you express your thoughts so clearly and effortlessly. It’s harder to do then one thinks, but you make it look so easy. Keep up the great work!

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  7. Love the outfit! That necklace is really beautiful!
    I know how crazy the storms are in Italy! Now that I live near Parma in a samll mountain town, we have 90°f sunshine in the mornings then tremendous storms in the aftrenoon!
    I love your writing its really evocative!

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