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Tan on Tan

For the past few months I feel like my style has been all over the place. When I really think about it, every fall and spring I have somewhat of a sartorialist breakdown because as the seasons change my closet turns into a melting pot of winter coats and summery dresses. The result? It can be a bit overwhelming to put together an outfit. Last weekend, William & I went on a major spring cleaning frenzy! Basically I ditched anything that I haven’t worn in the past month (with the exception of staple leather jackets, potential black tie dresses, etc…) and I must say I feel revived. Then I sat down and took a nice hard look at my Pinterest board that I created called “My Dress Code.” These are outfits that I feel represent my personal style and I created the board to help inspire outfits. When I took a look at my “Damsel Dressed” board and the clothes I actually wear and compared it to “My Dress Code” board of the things I think I am wearing, the two just did not match up. My new plan is to always check my inspiration board while I am getting ready. I even printed out a few of my favorites and hung them in my closet.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Hermes BagTan on TanTan on TanCream Leather SHortsTanTan

Heidi Merrick Cream Leather Track Short {$242} // Zara Beige Blouse {similar one here} // Hermes Crossbody Bag {similar bag here} // Albeit “J” Necklace {℅} // Shy by Sydney Evan “Dance” Necklace 

Jose Leon Photography

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43 thoughts on “Matching Up

  1. I am totally LOVING the blonder look you’re sporting these days. Your look today is so easy-breezy and attainable. I love when you put together looks that are affordable, or even a high-low mix – not everyone can afford the overall high end look.

    Keep these looks coming!

  2. Glad I’m not the only one! I had a huge meltdown trying to find an outfit over the weekend for a bike ride that resulted in my bed and floor covered in clothes and a stroppy me for the rest of the day. A spring clean for me is definitely in need, nice to know other people experience this too!

    Great spring outfit, so light and summery.

  3. Love this outfit! So light and summery.
    It doesn’t look like you have been having a style meltdown at all! You have impeccably taste and all of your outfit choices are wonderful.


  4. Love, love, love this outfit!! Such perfection! What did you do with all the clothes you got rid of? I love your style so much!

  5. SO excited about this POST! Stay true to you! :) Love this and want to wear it right now! Can you wiggle your nose and zap it into my closet? It is my birthday!! xo

  6. Great tip on Spring cleaning! I definitely need to do the same, and I know exactly what you mean. I feel like most mornings I just stare at the mess that is my closet when trying to get ready. I know what I’m doing with my day tomorrow. Thank you ;)

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