Damsels Day Off {Video}

I don’t know about you but yesterday kind of felt like I was living in a real life Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. The weather in Los Angeles was picture perfect and I visited parts of the city I’d never been to. I splashed around in Grand Park to ease into the holiday but also because my dear friends at Ann Taylor came out with an impressive new collection called The A List which I was lucky enough to play dress up in all day. This collection has my name written all over it because it’s aimed at providing you with the every day {stylish} basics your closet needs to mix and match for an effortlessly chic wardrobe. Check out the A List Collection from Ann Taylor and shop the full collection here.

As seen in the video:

Trench Coat // Button Down Blouse // Tote Bag // Shirt Dress // Striped Sweater // Jeans

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37 thoughts on “Damsels Day Off {Video}

  1. Very cool video. You look effortlessly stylish and very chic, as usual. I love the white pointy pumps with double ankle straps you are wearing! Where are they from?

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