Open for Joy

“When I saw you I fell in love with you and smiled because you knew.” – William Shakespeare

When I married my husband, the best piece of advice someone gave me was to put into the relationship what you hope to get out. I am all about surprises and lately I feel like date nights have taken a back seat to work. So, rather than waiting for him to make the first move, I decided to pull a switcharoo.

The Banana Republic Shimmer Shop inspired me to make his eyes sparkle just as bright as the collection.  Since my mister is a big hockey player, I surprised him with a private skate night at our local rink complete with champagne, cheesy romantic tunes and a cute girlie outfit to make his heart swoon.

Sometimes you have to court the man in your life who means the most to you so that they will be inspired to feel Open for Joy this holiday season. Turns out this was just what Santa ordered and we were able to reconnect after a hectic few weeks of craziness.

As seen in the video:

 Sequined and Lace Top {$60} // / Neck Warmer {$70} // Collar Blouse {$90} // Faux Fur Parka {$175}

Brought to you by Banana Republic

Video by Judson Morgan

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17 thoughts on “Open for Joy

  1. beautiful vid!…
    whoever gave you that advice about marriage… was absolutely right!!!.
    I love arranging date nights and including something special FOR HIM… I may not be into it(so NOT into rugby!!.. but bought the tickets anyway!!) but as its HIS thing and the joy it brings him makes me happy

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