The Shoe Fits

Red Blazer White Skirt

There’s always a pair of heels that I live in while hopping around the city. They have to be two things: Chic & Blister Free.

Insert my new Express heels that I have practically been living in. Last week I scampered over to the Socialyte Gala where I was ready to dance the night away. After days of walking, running and limping around I was so pleasantly surprised when these sophisticated stompers held up day {and night} after day.

Express Heels

Red Iro Jacket

Red Blazer

Twenty Tee

Express Heels

Express Pointed Toe Ankle Strap Heel {$50, c/o} // Iro Refilia Bouclé Jacket {$440} // Twenty Tees {$92, c/o} // J. Crew Ivory Skirt {$98} // Clare Vivier Fold Over Clutch {$210}

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Brought to you by Express

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38 thoughts on “The Shoe Fits

  1. Effortlessly elegant Jacey, love this look! Quick question – how do you find the J Crew skirt sizing? Really want to order it but have found their stuff larger fitting in the past (my usual 4 has been more like a 6) – and living in Australia makes returning a massive ordeal. Thanks!

  2. Thank you! Love the shoes and just ordered them, was looking for the perfect pair for fall. Love your blog and keeping up with your fun travels. Thanks and keep ‘em coming!

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