Teaming Up Floral & Leather

Zimmermann Dress

Have you heard the new Lorde song “Team”? I like her music because she has a sweet voice but her music has a bit of edge to it.

When wearing florals I can sometimes look like a housewife circa 1950 so I tried teaming up some leather to toughen up my look. For New York Fashion Week I was invited to the Zimmermann show and used it as the perfect opportunity to dress up a bit outside of my fashion box. I must say, it was kind of fun to wear something I wouldn’t typically wear in LA.

Zimmermann Dress

zimmermann floral dress

Zimmermann Dress

Zimmermann Heels

Zimmermann Dress {$680, c/o} // Puffy Pump {$495, c/o} // Iro Leather Jacket {on loan} // Rue Gembon Necklace {$115, c/o}

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

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30 thoughts on “Teaming Up Floral & Leather

  1. Loving this floral/leather combo! Now that the weather is cooling down in NYC, I take every opportunity to through on something with a touch of leather :) Such a distinct and perfect pairing.

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