Paris Packing & Pillows

Lulu and Georgia

In a week from today I will be snuggled up on a plane somewhere between LA and Paris {oui!}. Luckily my new pillows came in just in time to do my all time favorite activity before traveling: Inspiration Sesh!

Paris Packing

About 1 week prior to every trip I take, I like to curl up with my favorite mags and put on some sweet tunes to inspire the perfect packing list.

Paris Packing List

Damsels Paris Packing Playlist:

Amor Fati, Washed Out // Quelqu’un M’a Dit, Carla Bruni // En t’attendant, Mélanie Laurent // The Love Club, Lorde // I Am The Lion King, Papa // Reunion, M83 // New Theory, Washed Out // The Love Club, Lorde // Pompeii, Bastille // Closer, Tegan and Sara // Clarity, Zedd // Your life is a lie, MGMT // Polish Girl, Neon Indian // Raggamuffin, Selah Sue // Trying to be Cool, Pheonix // Unbelievers, Vampire Weekend

Damsel Jewelry

I usually make a solid list of things that I do not want to forget to take. For this trip, that includes my damselXgorjana jewelry.

Striped Pillow

It didn’t really occur to me until after I was 1 magazine deep that these cute striped pillows are kind of parisian-esque and are perfect for my current mood.

Lulu Pillow

Lulu Pillow

Paris Packing List

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Lulu & Georgia Piper Pillow {$40, each} // Damsel x Gorjana Jewelry // Rails Plaid Shirt // Kate Spade Earphones // Gorjana Jewelry Travel Wallet

Photos by Felicia Lasala

Brought to you by Lulu & Georgia

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32 thoughts on “Paris Packing & Pillows

  1. perfect playlist. love it! my husband and i played quelqu’un m’a dit on at our wedding reception while we were eating because we love it so much! Love MGMT, that Polish Girl song, Lorde and Vampire weekend. Anticipating a trip is always wonderful – sometimes better than actually going on it!

  2. What a fun idea! Mags, music and inspiration for packing? I’m definitely going to try that next time I travel! I usually take a week to prepare a long list of what I want to take, then spread it all out on my bed to make sure that things coordinate and I can mix & match everything!

  3. I need to start doing this before I go on trips because I ALWAYS forget something I wanted to take. I am not only incredibly jealous of your trip but I love your little jewelry organizers. Those are amazing.

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