Striped Top with Hat

It’s official: I am ready for fall. It’s funny how the purchase of 1 pair of pants can influence not only the outfits you put together, but your entire mood. When I am in the dressing room trying on clothes I try to pay extra special attention to the way the clothing makes me feel.

Last Friday, I found myself downtown visiting a few showrooms and making a pit stop at the always yummy Wurstküche. I need to try & make my way to downtown LA more often. For a hot second it felt like I was in NYC & there was inspiration around every corner and on every graffitied wall.

Sometimes all it takes is the purchase of 1 pair of pants, or traveling 1 neighborhood away, to help you see & feel your surroundings in a new way.

Striped Top with Hat


Leopard Heel

Damsel Hat

Damsel Hat

J. Crew Emblem Hat

Striped Top

Drapey Sailor Tee {$49} // Cargo Scout Chino Pants {$60} // Schoolboy Blazer {$150} // Emblem Baseball Cap {$48} // D’Orsay Pumps {$350} // Vita Fede & Cartier Bracelets // Zara Heels // Damsel x Gorjana Necklaces & High Line Cuff & Ring {coming September 16th!}

Photos by Felicia Lasala

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17 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. I love your cap!! I own one cap and even that fell apart recently (it was this really cool beat-up Yankees cap, I’m afraid I wore it to death over the years…). I definitely have to invest in a new one. I adore your leopard heels btw.. They are amazing! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  2. You mentioned in a ‘how to mix jewellery’ post a while back that you can mix different metals, like silver with gold. Even though I really want to wear my silver and rose gold jewellery together I’ve been hesitant to do it and wasn’t completely sold that it would work. I see that you’ve done it here with your Cartier bracelets and I must say that it totally works! It looks great. Sold!

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