Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Tan Tank Black Leather Jacket

Look: Usually I get pretty amped up about getting dressed but (between you & me), sometimes I don’t!!! There are so many times when I find myself literally sitting in the bottom of my closet starring up wondering ‘what do I wear,’ and the answer is always simple: nothing but neutrals! A clean tank, great pair of jeans and crisp blazer or jacket will never steer you wrong. This is why I always preach that it is important to invest in great basics.

James Jeans

Tan Tank Gray Jeans


James Jeans

Joie Leather Jacket {$898} // James Moto Jeans {$202, c/o} // Zara Heels // Zara Tank // Jennifer Zeuner Ring {c/o} // Balenciaga Clutch

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30 thoughts on “Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

  1. Totally with you. Not matter how much you love clothes or how big your wardrobe is, sometimes you just don’t feel like getting dressed. Love this simple look you put together!


  2. A basic tee, jeans, and great jewelry is always my go to when I can’t decide what to wear. Throw on a black blazer and call it done. I admit to frequently over thinking an outfit, so this is a great reminder that basics are there for a reason.

    • Ugh Pepper ~ Sorry. Between you and me, I wrote that post at 12am after one too many glasses of vino…. Thanks for the note X

  3. I absolutely love this look. Neutrals are the way to go when you’re fed up with trying to find something to wear. I love how those sandals look on you!! Would love to have you join myStorey
    and post a “storey” about this and share your outfit with my friends and the entire myStorey community!!

  4. Looks so chic and effortless! Sometime when you’re in texas, I wish you could help me edit my wardrobe! Maybe you can write a blog about how to edit and how to choose those key investment pieces!!

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  6. I have tons of oversized tanks I love, but I hate always wearing tanks under. Is that just a bra under ur tank or are you wearing a bandeau? Either way… Brand?? Thanks!!

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