Drop It Like It’s Hot

Theory Drop Waist Dress

I will rarely drop it like it’s hot on a dress that’s over $200, but when it comes to a drop waist dress sometimes I just can’t help myself. This weekend we had a wedding welcoming party to attend that called for casual attire. “Casual Attire” or not, I refuse to wear jeans to any wedding function, so I made a pit stop into Theory and found this nice little number.

Not only is it my favorite style {drop waist}, but I think it’s a great dress for day or night with the switch of a shoe.

Red Clutch and Bracelets

Drop Waist Dress

White Wedge Heels

Drop Waist Theory Dress

I find drop waist dresses flattering for almost any body type. For damsels with a longer torso and hour glass figure, this can be a very complimentary dress. However, if you find that you have a shorter torso I would steer clear of this style which will only shorten you even more. It’s also important to pay attention to where the drop happens. For example, drop waist dresses that occur at the hip are not as flattering on me so I choose seams that fall further down on the upper thigh. This is also a good style for women who are bit va-va-voom on the bust as it will help balance you out.

Theory Kaion Dress {$325} // Wedge Court Heel {$100, $50} // Chanel Clutch // Swirly Initial Ring {c/o} // Vita Fede Titan Bracelet {$275, c/o} // Vita Fede Mini Omega Bracelet {$315} // Vita Fede Mini Titan Ring {c/o}

Here are a few more drop waist favorites hovering around the $100 mark:

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28 thoughts on “Drop It Like It’s Hot

  1. Great dress and excellent choice. This dress looks amazing on you. Love the shoes! …
    Thanks so much


  2. That dress is so beautiful on you! Love it!

    Drop waist dresses tend to look terrible on me not because of my torso (because it’s quite long) but my bubble butt! It always kind of lifts in the back in a very unflattering way! I’ll keep trying though because I love the look of a drop waist dress!

    Love the simple accessories and the shoes you’ve paired this dress with! Gorgeous!

    Bold Subtlety

  3. You are so cute! I love your style so much. So happy I came across your blog! Love this simple yet beautiful dress on you. New bloglovin follower.

    -Bree @ aBreeFashion.blogspot.com

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