When All Else Fails

 Helmut Lang Blazer

Standing in front of our closet freaking over what to wear {naturally, at the absolute last second before we’re supposed to be somewhere}. Panic sets in and you state the 100% whole hearted claim that you have nothing to wear. This is the time when you should always rely on your closet staples.

For me, that equals a pair of good jeans, an easy white tank with a bold blazer & killer heels {and clutch!}. Sure, you may call me crazy for spending nearly $460 on a blazer but if you ask me how many black blazers I’ve purchased since I got this one nearly 4 years ago the answer is: One {and you’re looking at it}. Ask me how many times I have worn it and the answer is: Hundreds! My motto? Buy the best and you will only cry once!

Basic Black Blazer Look

Black Blazer and Jeans

Black Blazer and White Tank

Joe’s Jeans High Water Vintage Reserve {$165, c/o} // Clare Vivier Clutch {$258, same clutch smaller size available here for $198} // ATM Tank {$62} // Steve Madden Real Love Heels {$80} // Helmut Lang Blazer {$460}

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47 thoughts on “When All Else Fails

  1. I ADORE this look, and your advice is spot on! I’ve been needing to update my basics recently and this is the perfect reminder as to why I should! This is so perfectly put together! I love it!

  2. Great outfit for exactly what you described! I have yet to purchase a black blazer because I don’t know what I’m willing to spend, right now I’m leaning towards a RM Becky blazer! Again, love this simple look!

  3. What a perfect tank and blazer! My mission for 2013 is to simplify. I am looking at a stack of so-so white tanks and around 6 black blazers…none of which fit the bill. Donating them and ordering these items!
    Sizing for the tank: Did you find it running true to size? or did you decide to size up?
    Thank you!

  4. i don`t comment enough, but you always look amazing! i always love these simple, put-together posts! hope to meet you at the simply stylist event in chicago!

    xx. LC

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  6. Great outfit – most of all, I love how you’ve mastered the art of the partial tuck in.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. “Buy the best and you will only cry once.”

    Love this! At first I laughed and then it’s like a lightbulb went off. It’s so true. I’m going to try implementing this in my life a little more.

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  13. Another fashion victim to the ridiculous ‘tuck’ forgetting to untuck your tee shirt. SO IRRITATING!! Worst fashion crime since reversed baseball caps Why not go the whole hog and tuck your skirt hems into your knicker legs and be done with it? And there is actually a fashion tips page devoted to teaching women how to DO the tuck. Oh Puhleeeese!

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