High Five to Five

Since it is our 5 year anniversary {dating, not married} I will keep the sappy-ness short & sweet and simply say 5 things I absolutely love about my husband.

1. He hates social media {Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even blogging}. I’m sure we can all find the irony in this. I find it enduring that {aside from this look book shoot}, he absolutely can’t stand having his photograph taken or any information public.

2. He is my #1 fan. This blog simply would not be Damsel in Dior if it weren’t for this man. He is the face behind every photograph, the joke behind every laughing picture you see and the support that keeps me going.

3. It’s okay to fall, everyone falls, and when I do he is always there to pick me right back up. No judgements, no questions asked. He is just there.

4. Funniest. Man. Alive. Period.

5. Lastly, because 5 years feels like we’ve been together 5 days yet known each other for 50 {years that is}!

Smythe Blazer // Hudson Shorts // BCBG Top // Gorjana Shoes, Bag & Jewelry

Beautiful photos from Gorjana & Griffin

Pretty hair & make-up from: Devon Duff

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37 thoughts on “High Five to Five

  1. Hey Jacey,
    Loving your blog as always but I’ve noticed the incorrect use of apostrophes creeping in; (I’m a school teacher so I notice these things!) – you only need an apostrophe for ownership – so it’s ‘photos by J Pilar’ not photo’s – as this apostrophe denotes ownership etc. http://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/apostro.asp

    I hope you see this as constructive criticism from one of your loyal readers :0

    Kindest regards,

    • Hi Jocelyn ~ Thank you so much for the tip! So photos vs. photo’s is the same as its vs. it’s – correct? Sometimes my fingers get to typing so fast that I forget to check my grammar. I really appreciate you looking out & being so sweet with your words. X

  2. I❤ur 5 things u ❤ about ur man!!!! Y’all really are absolutely freaking adorable! So u think y’all might add some little Damsels in Dior in the next 5 yrs? (Y’all are too gorgeous not to procreate!!!)

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