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It’s all fun & games checking fashion & lifestyle blogs. It’s an escape, a glimpse inside a world that appreciates and celebrates all things that are beautiful. That’s the thing about the fashion industry, and style in general, that inspired me to create this job for myself. I appreciate looking at and celebrating beautiful things on a daily basis.

Today I want to take a moment to look at and celebrate the most inspiring people I have ever met in my life. The family that founded the New Hope Initiative. This family celebrates the most beautiful people in the world. People who literally have nothing, but still wake up with hope in their eyes and a smile on their face. People who walk miles for water, spend all day searching for a match to create light in their homes, yet will welcome you into their home to drink from their cup and share in their warmth.

I understand the feeling when a commercial comes on TV when you’re just looking to relax. I get it when you don’t want to watch that video that a friend of a friend passed along on Facebook that’s intention is to get you to “donate” or feeling guilty for not doing more. That’s not what this is, and that is definitely not what the New Hope Initiative is about. If I’ve learned anything from my experience visiting the project in Nairobi, it’s that you can’t be scared of the dark because the people who are living there aren’t. They see hope. They just ask that you see it too.

I have traveled to Nairobi, Kenya on two separate occasions with the New Hope Initiative {and hope to make a trip again soon} and while it isn’t documented fully on my blog, you can find more information on the website: New Hope Initiative.

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8 thoughts on “New Hope Initiative

  1. What an inspiring story & how cool that you actually got to go and help be a part of it all! I would love to do something like that! Do they take volunteers or accept help other than just donations??

  2. that is inspiring that you give your time for such a cause. before i had kids i spent a few years working on an event that raised money to feed hungry kids in america and also educate them on healthy eating habits. wish i could do that again but i barely have time to take a shower every day ! kudos to you and thanks for sharing

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