keep your resolutions

1 | get organized with personalized stationary. always follow up with a handwritten thank you note

2 | you’ll be surprised what a new pair of heels can do for your attitude. dress for the job you want, step up your game and heels.

3 | put a nice candle by your computer to influence your mood and motivate you to work

4 | organize any and all files and all technology accounts to streamline productivity (bonus: cute files)

5 | be on time and stay on schedule with your goals using a fab watch like the arceau

6 | indulge in a vacation or two to alleviate stress but stay connected with a stylish travel adapter

7 | nothing gets the day started more than your favorite tunes

8 | track your goals using a cute journal

9 | host a networking event and invite every to invite someone they think will benefit others

10 | gear up with new workout items that will get you amped up to hit the gym in style

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