Follow Friday: On Abbot Kinney


What makes a picture? You’ve probably noticed something different {insert: better} about the past few outfit shots I’ve posted on the blog and that is thanks to man behind the lens: Michael Dumler. I recently had the pleasure of making friends with this true talent whose work you can follow on his blog, On Abbot Kinney.

I love nothing more than a moving photo that doesn’t just give you inspiration for an outfit combination, but one that evokes a mood and stimulates a style in which we aspire to live by. That is what Michael’s photographs do for me.

I highly recommend heading over to On Abbot Kinney for a look into Michael’s effortlessly cool world that is filled with compelling photo’s of fashion, style & beautiful people {and he ain’t bad on the eyes either!}.

Coveting: Canon 24-70mm // A Khaki Langly camera bag // Hamilton Thin-O-Matic

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