Dear Damsel

I adore hearing from each and every one of you, especially when it’s to ask for advice/tips. Because you’re questions are always so great, I thought I’d start a new series on the blog called “Dear Damsel” where I will start sharing these Q&A’s. Have a question?! Please write me at:

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In my mind, a baby shower that calls for “Afternoon Chic” attire wants to have a little flirty fun with the occasion! Baby showers are a very girlie time to share smiles and giggles and the perfect opportunity to dress up for your favorite women. Damsel Decorum states that the attire for a baby shower is very similar to that of an engagement party or bridal shower. Keep dresses close to knee length and try to avoid wearing pants {absolutely no jeans!}. If the invite calls for “afternoon chic,” that simply means to have a little bit of fun by busting out a statement necklace or bold kitten heel.

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11 thoughts on “Dear Damsel

  1. Really great idea to start this column! I look forward to reading more. :) I don’t often comment on blogs I follow, but I think you’ve got something really great going here! Thanks for being so approachable and responsive. Your readers appreciate it!

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