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While I would 100% say “Yes” to monogramming, that comes with some guidelines:

1. Think of your monogram like a tattoo for your bag & make sure you are picking something that you won’t get tired of.

2. Keep it simple & pick a 1-2 color combo that is neutral & compliments the bag color.

3. Place the monogram in a balanced position, either perfectly centered at the top of the bag or in a lower corner. The Goyard specialist will be able to assist in directing you on placement.

4. Get it done right. Have Goyard send the bag off, don’t skimp out on having someone else do it.

More history & information on Goyard, monogramming & pricing: 

Goyard was established in 1792 and is the oldest Parisian trunk maker still in the business. During this time, when several members of a family traveled together, their luggage would get mixed up. In France, tradition dictates that each piece be monogrammed with the initials of its owner to differentiate luggage, which tended to be very similar looking. In modern days, monogramming luggage has become a status symbol.

The stripes & lettering are hand painted on by a Goyard painter trained in Paris. Monogramming is considered an additional service and costs {up to 6 letters} $155 and the stripes {up to 3 stripes} will cost an additional $155.

I also get asked {very often} for the price of more popular Goyard Saint Louis, whose prices seem to be climbing each year. As of 1/17/2013 the pricing is as follows:

Black Large Tote: $1,280, Black Small Tote: $1,125

All other colors {including white}: Large Tote: $1,465, Small Tote: $1,670

I was told the prices will continue to raise so get your Goyard while it’s hot! The only places that sell Goyard are at select Barney’s locations and the {only} U.S based Goyard store in San Francisco.

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19 thoughts on “Dear Damsel

  1. I don’t get this Goyard craze. Some of the bags are so forgettable. I think it has to be more about the exclusivety of being in the know and having one, I guess. I see those bags EVERYWHERE and always think “meh” … I do think the monogram makes them more interesting. For ex: love the purple clutch with monogram you pictured.

    Not Going Out Like That

  2. Dearest Damsel,

    I’m sure you have a lot of readers who would LOVE to know you opinion on Louboutins… just cause you’re always “in the know.” And they are an investment…
    What’s the best style for work? Which is the most versatile for pairing with different looks (ex: day to night- brunch with friends- client meetings- date night), is it worth it to spend the extra $$ on a “wild pair” or should a person stick with a neutral?

    love this new column bt-dub

  3. Jacey, can you recommend a reputable place to purchase a vintage or resale Goyard? I would love a white one, but I cannot make the investment to buy one new. Thanks!

  4. I love a monnogrammed bag. It just adds an element of originality that you can’t find in every other Goyard bag. I have wanted to monogram my LV neverfull I purchased a few years bag but don’t know the process. Any chance you know the LV drill? I meant to ask the saleslady in NY in December but I only remembered to ask about a longer crossbody strap for my speedy (which won’t work for old speedy styles — tragic!)!


  5. Is that info correct, that the small tote in “all other colors” is more than the large tote? It’s $1465 vs $1670…Thanks

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