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With a fresh start to the new year I spent the weekend doing a m-a-j-o-r closet clean! I’m happy to hear a lot of you loved what I put in my shop!

With a clean closet and a new clear clutch I thought I would go with a classic look for a fresh start to 2013! You can never {ever} go wrong with keeping things simple, which is exactly what I chose to do this weekend. We had a birthday party at Casa Del Mar and I tossed on my favorite leather pants with a crisp white blouse. I recently scored this Hermés-like coat on sale and pumps from Zara. You can shop the entire look below.

Digging my clear clutch? There are a few for sale over in my boutique!!!

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35 thoughts on “Clear Picture

  1. This outfit is perfect! From start to finish, I love everything about it. I’m so interested in the “clear clutch” look…it’s very intriguing.

  2. LOVE the look…. Snagged online the camel coat. What size did you order? Thank you for all the fabulous inspiration, LOVE you blog, you ROCK! Xo.

  3. HI, i adore the camel hand made coat from ZARA. I have been looking at the website daily hoping someone will return it. If YOU ever sell please keep me in mind. XXX

    • Hi Finan, I bought a size M not sure what size Jacey bought? I too scoured the website everyday. one did pop up and i grabbed it right away. i am guessing it was a return.

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