Best Of Weddings

Okay, okay…So our wedding didn’t make the cover of StyleMePretty’s “Best Of 2012 Wedding Magazine” but we did make in in the magazine which I have to say is the most flattering compliment that my wedding has ever received!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: You just gotta give it up for Beth Helmstetter & Lauren Ross. While there were dozens and dozens of great talent behind our big day, these are the two women who made it happen and captured it all!

Click here to skip to Page 70 {our feature} of the magazine where you can find our full spread!

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18 thoughts on “Best Of Weddings

  1. Awww, so precious! The two of you are such a lovely couple! The 4 of you, I mean! You’re a great looking family ;)))
    Congrats on the feauture!

  2. you were robbed simply because you didn’t have a cute kid pic for the cover :) totally unbiased, i liked yours the most of any in the mag (i was expecting to see something killer since you didn’t make the cover

  3. Would you ever consider doing a registry guide? Would love your advice on what you are really glad you registered for and what you wish you had skipped!

      • Yes! I second Jen!

        I am looking for the “perfect” white everyday china to register for and havent come across any posts about this from any of my favorite bloggers, one of them being you! Would love to know what you registered for or would register for if you were to do it all over again! :)

        • Hiya Laurin ~
          I actually registered for more casual “china” at Anthroplogie ;) But I really love the simple white every day that William Sonoma offers. I’m doing a fun bridal shower post featuring some Kate Spade china this month so keep your eyes peeled. Kate Spade has some SUPER cute everyday china that I think you’ll love. Hope this helps! I also registered my honeymoon, which ended up being our favorite! XX Jacey

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